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Articles related to deep house

Musae EP
by Garnetta
It is refreshing to hear quality music produced by a woman. Kelly Sylvia's newest EP Musae is a delightful mix of tech, drums and feminine vocals samples. With this being her second release, the best thing to say is 'BRAVO!'. ... Read more

Kelly Sylvia: Simplified Recordings main lady talks about developing her own sound and the creative empowerment of running her own label
by The Baraness
It seems that everywhere I look these days I see something that has to do with female DJs or female producers in the electronic music industry. Females in the music industry have always been a point of interest (or lack ... Read more

Honey Dijon: Queen of the NYC house scene & fierce fashionista talks music, style & culture with Shejay
by Shejay
Last month we caught up with Honey Dijon before her Heroes gig at Egg in London. The Chicago bred, New York-based DJ & Producer has been igniting dance floors in New York and around the world for over 12 years. ... Read more

I'm a Gangsta EP
by Ashae
True to her style, I'm a Gangster brings a deep bass, a touch of classic house, tech house grooves and exquisite electronic sounds that make it worthy of a big room drop. The edgy male vocals add balance and complexity, ... Read more

by Josh Swanson
Metalheadzā€™ Russian beat guru, Subwave, delivered his self-titled album early this month and from its artwork and from my own previous Subwave experiences, I expected something no less than dark, electric and bursting with soul.

Steering away from typical D&B drum ... Read more