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How do I apply for a Shejay artist page?

Shejay is an online booking agency and network that helps to promote professional female DJs and artists.
That said, there is very specific criterion that needs to be met in order to host your profile on Shejay:

1. You must be an experienced DJ, producer, musical artist, VJ or vocalist
This means you should have performed at a club or recognised event, are still actively performing at events and are passionate about growing your career.

2. You must maintain a professionally presented profile.
You want to be taken seriously as an artist? Promoters need to see that. So keep your profile up to date with a professional bio (“Yo I’m Casey and I love to mix beats... “ just doesn’t cut it), recent mixes or tracks, video and charts. We will periodically cull neglected or abandoned profiles.

Okay, I understand and am cool with all of the above and I want to apply for an artist page.