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House of Hannah : *
Submitted by: Shejay
Your latest single is called, "I love America" - of course the name probably says a lot but explain further your thoughts when you to wrote this?
I actually did not write this, this is a cover of a a song ... Read more
Unite Us (Remixes) : PNAU : Ministry of Sound Recordings
Submitted by: Nick Pike
Australian dance duo PNAU release their new single Unite Us with seven eclectic remixes in tow. Overkill you might say? Well maybe. But if you are willing to listen to seven interpretations of the same track then I am certain ... Read more
Feature / News
10 Innovations that Shook the Music World : *
Submitted by: Ashae
We take a trip back and count down our favourite top 10 innovations in music over the last decade','When I was a 10-year-old child back in 1996, I used to sit in my room with my boom box and make ... Read more