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Naomi Sioux

DJ / Olympia, Washington, USA
MUSIC: Breaks & Breakbeat, Electro, Electro-breaks, Trance


DJ Naomi Sioux
With 15yrs of experience in the West and Northwest DJ Naomi Sioux has an extensive and diverse portfolio in the music and event scene. She has performed as a DJ in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado for venues of all sizes and genres. She has performed her art at clubs such as Spundea in Hollywood, Palmes in Vegas, Battle of the Beats and Trinity in Seattle. Naomi Sioux has also been known as a consistant crowd pleaser as a resident DJ at Hannahs in Boise. More recently she has performed at Aftershock for Rip City Riders in Klamath Falls OR and for Prophecy Records in Rifle Co.
Let DJ Naomi Sioux bring this proven energy and experience with a womans touch to make your event one to remember.
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Prophecy Records

“There is No Art Without Sacrifice”

To Whom It May Concern:

We have only had the pleasure of working with DJ Naome once thus far, but her reputation preceded
her, and her professional manner prior to and during the concert she performed at definitely verified that she
stood up to her own name.

We called Naome only one full day prior to needing her to perform, as our scheduled DJ cancelled at
the last minute. Not only did she agree to perform, she was excited to be a part of our very eclectic lineup.
She showed up early, made sure our gear was compatible, and did a quick soundcheck to make sure she
would be able to perform effectively. That in itself would have made me more than happy, but the REAL
professionalism kicked in AFTER she started spinning her craft.

Naome read the crowd and the performance roster incredibly effectively, and she took her position of
opening and interim performer very seriously. She took effort and pride in drawing new people in, keeping
the spectators already attending entertained, and made a normally docile crowd get up and really just
DANCE. It has been a rarity in that particular venue, and by the end of the night we literally had to shove
the crowd out the door.

We don’t normally endorse a performer who isn’t on our performance or management roster, but this
is an obvious exception, and well worth the time it took to write this. Any venue or promoter would be well
served to book her.

S. Eric Smith

Managing Partner, Prophecy Records

'Naomi Sioux has been an avid proponent of quality EDM ever since I've known her. Her undying love for the music and dedication to her career have always amazed me. She has been one of the reasons I have continued to pursue music as a career for as long as I have. She will always be one of my best friends and an inspiration to me.'

J. Scott G.

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