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sw1tch m15tress

Producer, Vocalist, noize experimentalist / Ashland, Oregon, USA
MUSIC: 2-Step, Acid House, Ambient, Breaks & Breakbeat, Dancehall, Downtempo, Drum n' Bass, Electro, Electro-breaks, Electro-house, Freestyle, Hard House, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Other, Progressive, Progressive House, Psy-Trance, Tech House, Tribal
AFFILIATION: Pandoras Box productions, Check Productions

contact Zsa Zsa with Check productions @

i do a what i call a hardware live set.
consisting of part analog part digital synthesizers, beat machines, a kaoss pad and a dave smith keyboard synth.
im constantly experimenting with new and interesting noise makers.
i now have 1 ea-1 korg electribe, 1 er-1 korg electribe, 2 sx-1 korg electribes
, 2 mx-1 korg electribes, 1 kaoss pad, and 1 dave smith poly evolver 37 key synth.
i have seen that the \"live\" element of performing has really gone into a slump.
i along with others are starting to rekindle that actual relationship with the equiptment.
i personally think that it is important to have a improv, live element when creating and playing music.
i claim to be nothing and i am constantly learning, i am a student of life and what it has to teach me.
my goal with my music is to have the people learn to let all inhibitions go.
forget what you thought, think and any preconcieved ideas about \"anything.\" just listen.
drop all judgement. to much of the world is built on 1st impressions and judgement.
i believe that music should move you. no not just youre body. but it should actually make you think.
music is a tool that should be used wisely.
music can take you on some of the most amazing journeys of youre life if you let it.
musicians hold the key to everyones hearts, emotions, and psyche.
i think its time that everyone, musician or dancer realizes how important music is in our lifes.
it is a tool that we have been using for thousands of years.
music brings us together, music allows us to dance out what we need to dance out,
music allows emotions to come up that might need to come up,
music is the best teacher of all for teaching you to not be afraid of the dark or the light.
i believe whether we understand it, or know it yet that music has been the root of all gathering for a very long time.
it still is today. when we come together with intention, beautiful things can be manifested through the music.
i believe its time that we start realizing how much power we all have as powerful beings.
remember that you are the inspiration for many. you are my inspiration.

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