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La Joka

DJ, Promotor, Remixer / Washington DC, Washington, D.C., USA
MUSIC: 2-Step, 80s, Breaks & Breakbeat, Dancehall, Deep House, Disco, Downtempo, Drum n' Bass, Funky House, Hip Hop, House, Other, Progressive, Reggae, Rn'B, Soulful House, UK Garage
AFFILIATION: Ty Re Musik/Groupbee

Samantha Jane 443-858-0394
1. Glamorous Life - Shelia E ()
2. I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Ft. Full Force ()
3. Pleasure Principal - Janet Jackson ()
4. White Wedding - Billy Idol ()
5. Money - Pink Floyd ()
6. You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record) - Dead or Alive ()
7. Rock With You - Michael Jackson ()
8. Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benatar ()
9. Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant ()
10. Catch Me (I'm Falling) - Pretty Poison ()

Music is in my blood. This isn't a hobby for me it's a lifestyle!!!

?Renita "Dj La Joka" Clarke was born in a small town called Glen Burnie in Maryland. At the age of 16, she had a great opportunity to go to high school aboard in England. ?Renita always had a love for music, but it was until she went to her first rave in England, she didn't know just how much. Her dancing & energy on the floor caught the eye of DJ Audio Needlz & ReyRey and an instant bond was formed. Renita and her friends would travel from Lakenheath to London every weekend to hang out with ReyRey. ?Sneaking in to bar after bar just to hear that unique UK sound. ?After high school Renita came back to the States and from that point on decided that she wanted to get into the music industry. ?She then would have something happen to her, which would change her life forever. She went to an event called "Fever" in Baltimore, MD and met Charles Feelgood. ?He was spinning that night and all Renita could do is just stand there and watch in amazement. ?After his set, he spoke to her about DJ?ing and how that was his passion and career. ?Later that week she would go on to meet her mentor DJ Joel, entered college and brought her first set of Numark turntables. ?

??Her vigorous pursuit of a DJ career started to attract others interested in getting into the business, thus TY RE Musik was born. ?TY RE Musik is one of the Top 10 DJ Booking Agencies in Maryland/Washington DC/Virginia area. ?With her unique networking skills she has booked her DJ?s Nationally and Internationally at some of the hottest events and clubs in the world. ?

??Along with TY RE Musik she also ventured into promotions. In a joint venture with friends, they started CodeBlu Media. ?Under CodeBlu Media, Renita was able to express yet another creative side that she could bring to the industry. ?After CodeBlu Media dismantled, Renita continued promoting under TY RE Musik. ?She then worked out a deal with Clear Channel, which has TY RE Musik doing promotions & flyers for Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

??You would think that Renita would be to busy to DJ! "Never sleep. Sleep is for the dead!" she always says. Currently she is working with Joey Salinas on his second English album and his first Latin album. She's also working with the artist Jonte'. You can also still catch her doing corporate events and spinning at some of the hottest venues that New York, Las Vegas and Canada has to offer.

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