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MUSIC: Ambient, Electro, Electro-house, Progressive, Progressive House



“I See You Baby”…Shakin´Dat Ass!” Of course you’ve heard it. Whether you were walking along the coast of Capri, or maybe you were blowing kisses from the private lounge with David Morales at Ministry of Sounds or getting down at Eric Morillo´s weekly set Subliminal at NYC´s Centro Fly. Either way, where and when you heard it doesn’t really matter. But remembering who gave it to you is essential! From every corner of the globe GRAM’MA FUNK----“The Funk Hostess Wit´Da Mostess,” is starting a craze that is reviving the idea of unrestricted fun.

GRAM’MA FUNK—then Toi Sojer, got her first break in entertainment by working at Stevie Wonder’s LA based KJLH radio station. Identifiably a mover-and shaker, Toi was convinced to take a position at Next Plateau Records in New York City where she relocated and began work with such notables as Salt-N-Pepa and the Ultra Magnetic MC´s. After a stint running her merchandising company called “Ready For Duty” designing logos and merchandise for the entertainment industry, GRAM’MA FUNK began promoting parties called “The Funk Hut” which became famous throughout New York City. It was here that GRAM’MA FUNK was truly born. “The Funk Hut” drew in performances from anyone who was anyone on the New York soul, hip hop and funk scene----Puff Daddy (P. Diddy), Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah and the Fugees to name only a few.

GRAM’MA FUNK decided to take the Funk global and found herself making plans with London’s Trevor Nelson to fine tune the vibe that would eventually entrance thousands. Since her landing in Europe, those that pay homage to the cult of fabulousness haven’t been the same. After intoxicating the London set present at club events, on TV documentaries, and Radio One voice over’s, she found herself on the island of Ibiza, Spain MC-ing and parting with yet another crowd. Dubbed the island for sex, sand, sea, sin, and sunshine, GRAM’MA FUNK has played hostess to everyone from the idle and tawdry rich to the likes of Grace Jones, Kate Moss, Madonna, Mick Jagger, and Sultans. It was there on the decadent island of Ibiza that GRAM’MA FUNK began spontaneously MC-ing over the music in her own inimitable style. After being spotted by Mike Manumission, she was soon offered a regular hosting and MC-ing position at his underground experience Manumission Motel. It was at the Manumission Motel that she met Groove Armada´s Tom and Andy.

GRAM’MA FUNK travelled to London to write and record her vocals for “In My Bones” and “I See You Baby” one of the stand out tracks from Groove Armada’s acclaimed “Vertigo” album and their current single on Pepper\Jive Records. With the release of the remixed version of “I See You Baby” by beatmeister du jour Fatboy Slim in Europe & the U.S., its popularity has prompted this single to be licensed out to a host of Films, Television Programs, Dance Compilations and Commercials around the world. Since then GRAM’MA FUNK has been re-writing her own history.



Both music critics here in the U.S. and in Europe are buzzing about Groove Armada´s hit single, “I See You Baby.” A great deal of that “buzz” is centering on the emergence of a new music personality---GRAM’MA FUNK! This international funk\dance diva provides the soul stirring funky vocal groove to “I See You Baby” (she wrote it as well) that is quickly becoming a catch phrase similar to “Whoops There It Is” several years ago to the currant “Whassup?” phenomenon this year. The single with a Fat Boy Slim remix has become so hot in the U.K. that it has aided the London-based dance band’s new album, VERTIGO (Pepper\Jive) to reach gold status (100,000 units sold) in the market.

Since its U.S. release, “I See You Baby” has warranted international acclaim and is climbing the national record charts. In addition, the budding songwriter also contributed to Foxy Brown’s multi-Platinum CHYNA DOLL album (Def Jam) by penning and performing on “The Birth of Foxy Brown.” Gram’ma Funk also wrote and is the feature vocalist on “In My Bones,” another song on Groove Armada´s VERTIGO album.

GRAM’MA FUNK ´s vocals and unique style has created a demand for the women behind the funk! Already, the single has been licensed out to the likes of “Top of The Pops Vol.1”, the Warner Bro´s film “Romeo Must Die”, “Mitsubishi Spitfire 2000” car commercial, ABC TV shows “Third Watch”, DreamWorks film “Road Trip” with MTV´s Tom Green, HBO TV “The Sopranos” Paramount Pictures film “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson, Universal Film“American Wedding” and Disney Film “The Hot Chicks” with Rob Schneider to name just a few.

GRAM’MA FUNK had been working and living on the island of Ibiza, Spain, where she was dubbed “The Funk Hostess Wit´ Da Mostess” to the “rich and naughty” at some of the hottest international clubs and special events. Gram’ma Funk´s magical vocals and talented song writing skills have contributed to highly talked about singles, “Universal Unfolding” on DJ Pippi´s Undiscovered Ibiza II., “Cheeky Armada” with Illicit on Azuli\Yola records, “Git In Where Ya Fit In” with Giddy Aunt (ATFC) & Psychobitch (DJ Smokin’ Jo) on Onephatdeeva recordings and the latest release “Hi Roller” with Openair on Oven Ready Records, which is getting the full attention of Judge Jules, Stonebridge, Roger Sanchez and Junior Jack to name a few.

Perhaps it was the fast-pace of New York City, or the instant celebrity she received once she opened the revered Funk Hut, but it caused Gram’ma Funk to leave her mark wherever she goes! So the next time you’re partying and you hear “I See You Baby…” remember who gave it too you “The Funk Hostess Wit´ Da Mostess”-GRAM’MA FUNK!


Openair feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Hi Roller” – (Oven Ready Records)
“Hi Roller” is very much one of those big Saturday night moments borrowing heavily from a certain 80’s soul crooner, coupled with Gram’ma Funk’s unmistakeable vocals, all with just a passing nod to Openair’s usual electronic riffs….it’s unashamedly good time stuff and their biggest tune to date.

Germany’s Thomas Gold takes things into uncontested peak-time territory – take it from us, the floor goes nuts as soon as the baseline rolls in…

Big for Roger Sanchez, Judge Jules, Stonebridge, Junior Jack and many, many more, featured on the pacha Ibiza comp, and tipped by just about everyone whose heard it as a potential chart hit….

There are also further tougher remixes for Disc Two from the seriously on-form Mashtronic (which is being hammered by none other than Sasha) and Italy’s Phunk Investigation. Watch this one fly!!

Openair feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Hi Roller” – (Oven Ready Records)
Here comes disc two of the huge “Hi Roller”, from Openair, featuring the unmistakeable of Miami’s favourite microphone doyenne Gram’ma Funk (the voice of Groove Armada “I See You Baby”). Tougher mixes are the order of the day here. Germany’s seriously on-form Mashtronic(Eyezcream, Sexonwax) has delivered a hard-edged electro house take on the tune, while on the flip Italy’s Phunk Investigation (The Ones-Flawless) has delivered another peak-time stormer.

Openair feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Hi Roller” – (Oven Ready Records)
Alexander O’Neil’s “Critize” gets a massive peak time workout with the man of the moment Thomas Gold. Thomas gets involved in the remix duties. Judge Jules, Stonebridge, Roger Sanchez and Junior Jack are all giving this their full attention.

Oversoul feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Universal Unfolding” Undiscovered Ibiza II (Undiscovered Recordings)
This Oversoul Project featuring Gram’ma Funk has made a serious impact on the chill-out scene. This standout single entitled; “Universal Unfolding” sets the mellow Balearic scene for the album as the drifting sounds and lazy beats flow underneath. This DJ Pippi compiled album brings together an extraordinary selection of chilled grooves, sensual songs, and percussive journeys that exudes sunshine and blessed out summer vibes.

Illicit feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Cheeky Armada” (Azuli\Yola records.).
“Cheeky Armada” was released in the form of a bootleg 12-inch “Sneaky Armada” (Mash up of DJ Sneak’s “You Can’t Hide From Your Bud” with Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby”) that was quickly embraced by international DJs like Pete Tong, Boy George, and Judge Jules. No taste making DJ could ignore a track that so effortlessly intertwines Teddy Pendergrass´ “You Can’t Hide From Yourself” and the spoken words of Gram’ma Funk. Now U.K. imprint Yola is giving the infectious track a proper release. And while the original mix still rules; don’t overlook Robbie Rivera’s smokin´ dub & phunk mix and the Jeremy B Mix. (Michael Paoletta, Dance Track Hot Plate, Billboard Magazine).

Giddy Aunt & Psychobitch feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Gitinwhereyafitin” - (Onephatdeeva)
This time, Giddy Aunt (ATFC) teams up with Psychobitch (DJ Smokin’ Jo) and one of the baddest vocalists around, Gram’ma Funk (one time Groove Armada vocalist). Giddy Aunt delivers one of the most infectious productions to date, complementing Gram’ma Funk’s wailing diva style delivery with a phat bass line, delicious percussion, deadly FX’s and an awesome breakdown. The flipside sees the inclusion of the essential Acapella and an interpretation from Zero DB (current Gilles Peterson faves) who takes more of a minimal jazzy production approach for those early morning sessions. The track is licensed to John Acquaviva “In the Mix Vol.4” and Zero DB “The Remix Album”. If you like the party to really go off you’ll need this in your box. Breathtaking, almost literally! “Gitinwhereyafitin” rates 4 ½ out of 5. (JK - DJ Magazine music review).

Giddy Aunt & Psychobitch feat. Gram’ma Funk -“Gitinwhereyafitin” - (Onephatdeeva)
This track is a tough Basement Jaxx styled groover, with the spoken word vocal delivery from everyone’s favourite Gram’ma Funk. This reminds us of the Akabu “Ride the Storm” but with more pumping drive. Starting with tribal drums and psychedelic FX, this builds into a huge carnival party full of sirens and noisy sweeps. The vocals get kind of dancehall towards the end wit a bit of rough chatter that will get them moving on da dance floor. It fits like a glove! Wasn’t sure at first, but now I can’t take it off the deck – another OPD essential! (Lewis Dene - Hype Chart)

Giddy Aunt & Psychobitch feat. Gram’ma Funk - “Gitinwhereyafitin” - (Onephatdeeva)
Defected superstar ATFC under his Giddy Aunt guise unleashes another gargantuan dance floor cut. Drums just don’t get any larger than these and the hyper active bassline is infectious. With perfectly placed vocals by diva Gram’ma Funk and perfectly placed explosive sounds and programming this cut is sure to maintain peak time action.

Dj’s shakin dat ass wit “Gitinwhereyafitin”
Pete Tong - BBC Radio 1, “Hot, Hot, Hot!”
Jazzy M - Big, bad and ruff! Love it!
Allister Whitehead - Love the track, wicked!
Roger Sanchez - “I love it! “Gitinwhereyafitin”

Bimbo Jones feat. Gram’ma Funk - coming soon.

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