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DJ, Producer, Vocalist, musician / San Jose / Turkey, Costa Rica
MUSIC: Deep House, Electro, Electro-house, House, Progressive House, Tech House, Tribal

1. Cava - Mark Simmons (Spining records)
2. Armenta - Pushkatin (no gaster in chicago)
3. Hey baby - Deadmau5 (Play digital)
4. Baila con la luna - Dani villa (vendetta records)
5. Ma baker - Glamrock brothers (Glamara records)
6. the dutty clem - Will bailey (siima records)
7. let the bass kick - Chukie (cr2 records)
8. girls speak louder - costello (plasmapool)
9. techno rhythm - hugo rizzo (land of vodoo recordings)
10. naked - leventina (unreleases digital)

38 Parallel (Original dub room) (Drum n' Bass) · Listen · Report
DEPARTURE (Deep House) · Listen · Report
Monik (Tech House) · Listen · Report
Monik (Progressive) · Listen · Report

Born 25 years ago, and with a short trajectory, but breaking the mold, DJ Monik is forever polishing her skills to become one of the best female DJ in Latin America.
Her base influence in getting involved in music from her childhood was her father, who was a musician. Later, that same vocation what was drove Monik to percussion and guitar. When she was 17, she went for her first time to a “RAVE” party where the headliners were Jimmy Van M and DJ Sasha. The latter was her favorite and years after became her inspiration. During that same year, she starts working in one of the most important radio stations in Costa Rica, 979 Conexion, where the first electronic music show in the country was broadcasted. Later, she ended up taking over the whole show.

In 2003 she received her first set of DJ equipment that saw this DJ grow with a genre called progressive trance.. very much like Oakenfold and Alexander Coe’s style.

Monik’s metamorphosis took several years, changing styles, and sounds. She has also worked with production. Her genre was drum ‘n bass, with the percussion she always carried in her blood. In 2004 she continues with electronic music and she is given the opportunity to warm up the dance floor for 2 local DJ’s at a club called Café 83 Sur. In November of that same year, she becomes a resident DJ for the first time at a Lounge called “Bajarse al Moro”.

In 2005 she has no option but to put aside the electronic sounds she so loved to pursue an academic career, but years later she returns with lots of energy and dedication, and with a different sound.This time around she comes with a melodic-progressive style (progressive house) with influences from DJ’s like Tarkan, V-Sag, G-Pal and more. Also, she works in tandem with D.U.B which is shorthand for Deep Underground Beats : spreading their influential music thru the events in Costa Rica and worldwide.
Not satisfied with only being a DJ, she started new projects as a Producer, using her own vocals and also, she has Tracks released on beatport. Monik also Has been invited to be a guest DJ in one of the most important Online Radios world wide, frisky radio by Dj tarkan and Andrew k. Living on the edge to Europe, having new musical projects and starting her own F.M. radio show, also recently named Resident at one of the best Clubs in Central America : Club Stage in Guatemala.

In her short time being a DJ in Costa Rica, DJ Monik shared turntables with Dj's like : : Sandra Collins (Perfecto - Usa) , Sultan (Yoshitoshi - Canada), Kabuto& Koji (Supernature, Cocoon - Costa Rica), DJ Tarkan ( No smoking recordings - Turkey), Tom Swayer (South Records - Panamá), Pat Farrell (Switzerland), Ale Reeves (Chile), Sergio Mixx (Panamá), Fabio Garcés (Colombia), Eric Prestinary (Costa Rica), Iván Gafer (Costa Rica) and many more.


  • Listed here, are some of the places where Monik has played and touched our soul:

    Vértigo – Costa Rica
    Vértigo Lounge, The den – Costa Rica
    Club 360 – Costa Rica
    Bajarse al Moro – Costa Rica
    Bondi Le finestre – Costa Rica
    Boggie Bar (Antiguo Bash) – Costa Rica
    Café 83 sur – Costa Rica
    Salamandra – Costa Rica
    Rikaste – Costa Rica
    Nova Lounge – Costa Rica
    Van gogh – Costa Rica
    L'bistro - Costa Rica
    Oblique - Costa Rica
    Retro – Costa Rica
    Shangri Lá – Costa Rica
    Da haus – Costa Rica
    The Gallery – Panamá
    Level Club - Panamá
    Vintage – Guatemala
    Club Khalua – Guatemala
    La Casbah – Antigua Guatemala
    Club Stage - Guatemala
    Club Seelebrity - Costa Rica
    D&N Beach Club - Costa Rica
    Rapsodia Lounge - Costa Rica
    Liquid Lounge - Costa Rica
    Club Why not? - Costa Rica
    Mexicana – Turkey Antalya
    Kumburgaz Arena - Istanbul, Turkey
    Taţbaçche - Uţak, Turkey
    Otto Exclusive - Izmir, Turkey
    Club Aura Moonlight - Antalya, Turkey
    Antalian Yacht - Turkey
    Chateau 1525 - Costa Rica
    Steve Madden - Costa Rica
    Club PRIVE - Costa Rica
    Club Blu - Costa Rica

    Current Resident : Club Stage ( Guatemala)

    Past Residents:
    Lounge Bajarse al moro
    Lounge Bondi Le finestre
    Club Da haus

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