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I\'m not a DJ, I\'m the UK webmaster. If you have any problems or questions with the site, please contact me at the email below.

What exactly IS Shejay?
Shejay is many things. In the virtual world, serves as both an online magazine for the electronic music industry as well as an online community promoting female DJs, producers, vocalists, promoters and musicians from all over the world. Shejay in the real-world acts as an events management agency that offers female-centric events and tours featuring our artists to the music industry.

What does the Shejay website feature?
Shejay artists from all over the world are featured by region in our ‘Artists’ section. Shejay also publishes reviews on the latest dance music releases and events; articles and interviews relative to the industry in our ‘Features’ section. The Shejay website also has a ‘Music’ section which allows you to listen to mixes and tracks by Shejay artists, and a ‘Calendar’ to check out their upcoming gigs and events.

How much does it cost to have a profile page on Shejay’s artists pages?
It’s absolutely FREE to have your profile featured on Shejay. All we ask is that from time to time you send in a submission to keep your profile active and to let us know that you still love us.

What do I need to do be featured in the artist’s pages?
Firstly, you have to be female (sorry guys) and you also have to be passionate about what you do and pursuing it professionally and be willing to maintain your profile regularly and make a content submission to our website now and again. Shejay is a community run and operated website which thrives on submission from its members and industry professionals to keep it updated and ongoing.

How do I upload my information to the site?
Just visit the website and click on ‘Not on the Roster?’ (under ‘Member Login’), read the requirements carefully and if you can maintain what we ask for, then just follow the link to ‘Join’, fill out the necessary forms and follow the steps.

How long before my profile page is posted on Shejay’s artist pages?
No time at all. Your Shejay artist profile will be posted immediately after you submit it. Search your name by using our ‘Girl Search’ or browse it by Region to see your profile page. Please be sure you’ve completed your page before posting a profile, as Shejay moderators will remove incomplete profiles at their discretion.

I just submitted my artist profile, but can’t find it.
First try logging out and check the artist section again. Some times you must log out to see the results then try another search or browse by region. If you still don’t see your page, log in to your profile and check that you selected the correct country of residence. If not, you will need to select the correct country (don’t forget to fill in all the fields!) If you’re still having trouble, contact

My profile was once on the Shejay site, but now it’s been removed, why is that?
It is stated on our join page, that Shejay reserves the right to moderate or remove an artist's profile page without notice if moderators feel it’s not suitable for publishing or relative to our mission. It’s possible that your profile was removed because our moderators did not find it relative or professional looking enough to post on Shejay. If a profile is incomplete (biography must be at least 75 words), written in an unprofessional manner, or does not feature a female artist, DJ, producer, VJ, vocalist or artist within the electronic music community, it will be removed.

Do you have to be a Shejay artist to post content on the site?
Not necessarily. Articles, Reviews and Interviews relative to the electronic music industry may be submitted by anyone provided they follow the criterion for publishing. However, Music submissions and Calendar submissions (mixes, tracks, events & gigs) can only to be posted by Shejay artists.

How do I submit content to the site?
For Shejay artists: start by logging in to your Shejay account. Once you’ve logged in, you can choose 'Submit Content' (for reviews, articles and interviews); 'Submit Music' (for your mixes and tracks) and/or 'Submit Events' (for your gigs or events) from the main menu, then follow the directions on how to submit your info.

For non-Shejay artists: Choose 'Submit Content' from the main menu, then select either Music Reviews, Event Reviews, Articles, or Interviews and fill out the necessary form. Be sure to include your email so we can credit you for your submission!

How often does Shejay update the site with new content?
At the beginning of each month, Shejay updates the site with your mixes, chart, events, gigs and reviews since this is information that needs to be renewed and featured frequently. However, each quarter, Shejay launches an entirely new issue to include all of the above, but most importantly, a new cover girl, plus fresh new articles and interviews. The deadline for users to make submissions is 20th of each month in order to be published for the coming month’s update or issue launch.

How often do Shejay events and tours happen?
Shejay events and tours happen at no specific times, however we do try to do a couple events each month in an effort to feature as many of our DJs as possible from all around the world. Shejay tours typically happen in the summer, but can also be booked all year long, depending on the demand.

How can I be considered for Shejay events and tours?
We’re always looking for girls to consider for events. If you’re a Shejay DJ, VJ or live artist, you can be considered for events by sending us a CD whenever we email our list looking for artists.

I’ve sent a CD to be considered for one of your events and never heard back from anyone. Why didn’t I get a reply?
While we try to respond to as many CD submissions as possible, it’s very difficult to answer everyone as we often get 100s of CDs for consideration and we simply don’t have the manpower. If we’ve not responded to a CD you’ve sent at our request, it does not necessarily mean we’ve forgotten you or won’t consider you ever. It may just mean that we’ve already found who we were looking for at that particular time.

I’ve not received any Shejay emails telling me about the latest news. Have I been removed from your list?
If you’ve not seen anything in your inbox for us in the past 4 months, it could be that your email address on your Shejay profile is out of date. Be sure to check that you’ve updated all of your contact details with us, or else you won’t hear about all the fab stuff going on, and you won’t get our calls for submissions or CDs!

How do I become part of the Shejay promotions team?
Shejay currently has promoters in locations all over the US , Europe and Asia which help spread the word about Shejay and hold Shejay events in their respective cities. To become a part of the team, you must actively be part of your local scene and up for helping the cause to promote Shejay and its DJs where you are. If you want to talk to us about being a Shejay representative in your area, contact us at'>'>'>

I’m trying to break into the world of music journalism, how can I become regular writer for Shejay?
We’re always keen to give aspiring writers a chance to show off their skills to the electronic music community. If you’d like to get your feet wet in music journalism, Shejay is a good place to start. Let us know about you by emailing us at'>'>'>

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Got another question for Shejay that’s not listed here? Email us at'>'>'>

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