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Sarah Hannah

DJ, Producer, Vocalist / Vancouver, Canada
MUSIC: Dancehall, Funky House, Tech House



As one of the first girl djs, in Canada, Sarah Hannah discovered her passion for electronic music behind a pair of Technics in the winter of 1996. She had never aspired to become a 'female dj', but instantly fell in love with house music and the culture that was blowing up on the west coast and all over the rest of the world.
After attending a number of parties and witnessing the electric energy that
DJs could provide with some vinyl and an ear for music, Sarah Hannah knew she had to express herself through playing records and creating new sounds. She
found the inspiration to pursue the 'vibe-provider" role after rocking her
first after-hours party.

Sarah Hannah started Rumpshaker Productions with Lori Ward, (dj hi fi
Princess) the only other female dj in Victoria, in 1996 and has thrown many
successful parties since.

"I remember the first time I played out and the realization hit me that I
could play choose your own adventure with my record collection."

Sarah always receives respect from her male counterparts who regard her as a
skilled DJ and basement producer in the house genre. Apart from music, Sarah
keeps herself busy as an independent businesswoman - she owns The Sacred
Herb Hemp Shop and Rare Groove (a used electronic record store) in beautiful
downtown Victoria, BC. She prides herself on her determination, simple
lifestyle and leadership qualities.

"Music is definitely a love for me, a hobby, a way to escape the everyday
drudgery and clear my mind."

While working on vocals and funky house tracks in her studio, Sarah has also
had the time to hold two successful residencies in Victoria clubs. On Sunday
nights, she hosted Brew and View at the venerable Lucky Bar - free movies
followed by a funky blend of tribal house. Her second residency took place
at the now-defunct Jet Lounge, which showcased a weekly rotation of 6 DJ's
playing downtempo/ambient and house in two rooms. She was featured as the
only female DJ on the roster for 2001 Victoria Electronic Music Festival.
She is also a much requested dj to play at the outdoor festivals
on the gulf islands and on the sunshine coast. She played at Shambala in 2001 in Nelson B.C(a highly recommended outdoor festival where the magic
truly lies.) She has played alongside Robert de la Gautier, Junior Sanchez,
Brendan Mc Carthy, Jeremy Oliver, Lorin, dj Brian and the Moontribe crew,
Dean De Costa, Czech, Tyler Stadius, dj Neerav, and Mike Shannon to name a few.

Sarah Hannah has a solid reputation for pumping up the crowd with a blend of
funky, chunky basslines, intelligent vocals, along with an impeccable track
She has a strong intuitive nature and is known for her ability to read a
crowd. Her favourite labels at the moment are Roam, 20/20 Vision,
Doubledown, the End, Bluem, Wiggle, Silver Pearl, Long lost Brothers and
Drop music.
Favourite producers include Chris Lum, DJ Buck, Inland Knights, Markus
Nikolai, H-Foundation, Miles Meada, Eric Spire, Terry Francis, Herbert and SIA.

Her studio consists of a Emac G4, Pentium 3-866, TR - 909, TR - 707, Yamaha
CS2X keyboard and a Mackie Mixing Board, while her programs used to produce
tracks include Logic, Cubase, Reason, Recycle, Sound Forge, Wavelab, and

Sarah Hannah moved from Victoria to Vancouver in 2002 to attend CDIS- the Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound, where she studied 'Recording Arts and graduated top of her class.

She has recently also played one of her dream gigs, opening up for DE LA SOUL in Amsterdam at the 14th Annual Cannabis Cup!

Sarah Hannah is also a part of Festivus productions and Clown Shoe productions, which throws quality events in and around Vancouver.

Also keep your ears open for Tracks produced by Sarah Hannah...

~"What an amazing that lives and breathes Music!"~

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