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AGENCY : Global Roster : Tuere  

Producer, Vocalist / Atlanta, Georgia, USA
MUSIC: Drum n' Bass, Jungle, Rn'B


TUERE – Her unique name alone speaks volumes, but it’s her eclectic sound, undeniable musical talent
and enticing sense of style that will mesmerize your mind, body and soul.
Tuere is, by all accounts, the newest wave in Acid Jazz, but she simply prefers to refer to her
music as Future-Soul. Quite frankly, this is the best title for her chosen genre of music because her
musical talent transcends far beyond that of which we know, recognize and categorize as being
“Acid Jazz”.

Tuere is an independent artist in the truest sense of the word. She writes, arranges, produces,
and performs her fresh new sound with the conviction of one who knows the truth. Indeed, Tuere is
one who is genuine about her affinity for music, which emanates from her newly released
single entitled 'Filled'. Tuere creatively and capably combines her amazing
vocals with hi-tech drum & bass, and the outcome is a blend of funky rhythmic sounds with strong
vocals that will surely captivate the listening ear. "I've always liked that in-your-ear closeness
you get from cream of the crop jazz vocalists. I try to recreate that closeness on a canvas fused
with jungle, jazz, and drum & bass, which are the three musical styles that really move me."

At a young age, Tuere was clearly destined for musical success. Instruments ranging from the violin
to the piano were placed in her hands at the mere age of 3, and at the age of 8 she began songwriting.
Whether she was directing the choir or performing live, Tuere always put her heart and soul into
her craft. As a child of music, she was wise beyond her years, but did not know at that time that
her solid musical knowledge and foundation would erupt into an unbelievably positive musical career
and experience. In fact, her first independently released single came to fruition not as a result of
being purposely planned, but rather as a result of simply and casually integrating rhythm with
technology one evening a few years ago. Ultimately, this “experiment” developed into an actual
synchronized piece of work. After playing her, then untitled, musical piece for a few fellow
musicians, as well as friends and family, and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response
from her attentive listeners, the single More Than Time emerged. Shortly thereafter, the
Atlanta-based, Boston-born artist seriously focused on her vision to write, produce and arrange
her debut CD entitled Tueraium, which will be released in September 2005 and will
include numerous tracks displaying Tuere’s diverse musical talent. From French-spoken vocals to
funky soulful sounds, Tuere delivers. “I view my debut CD as being a mosaic. I would like it to
be a trip through a museum of audible art -- a little abstract, while also being a little
impressionistic, surreal, cubist, sacred, and romantic. I hope my single, as well as my debut
CD exposes my listeners to new and different styles of music not often heard. I strive for my
music to ride the line between being profoundly thought provoking -- both lyrically and
musically -- while creating a sense of spiritual tranquility.”

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