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AGENCY : Global Roster : Sasha Le Monnier aka (C.O.U Muzik)  
Sasha Le Monnier aka (C.O.U Muzik)

DJ, Producer, Artist / U.K Rep / Promotions - Source Of Gravity / Jersey (Channel Islands), UK
MUSIC: Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
AFFILIATION: C.O.U. Muzik / Source Of Gravity / Gravitation Digital / Pangea Recordings/ Bellarine Recordings/Nightshade Music/ Balkan Connection/fiberlineaudio/LuPs Records/RSM/Di.FM Radio/Proton Radio/ Radio/mypromopool/S3 Promo Pool/Richmond Pro

Progressive House
1. Zoofisticated [ Part1/ Soliquid Remix ] - Niko Fantin (FriskyRecords)
2. OTB Sampler - Various (Outside The Box Music)
3. Remaking Of Cyborg - Cid Inc (Tolerant)
4. Keep Em Coming - Phunktastike & Solila (Extrema)
5. Atilla - Flip & Djuma Soundsystem (Toolroom)
6. Souls On Board - Marc Mitchell (Proton Music)
7. Ochtendgloren - C-Jay & Jalebee Cartel (The Sessions Recordings)
8. Inchworm / Schizophrenic Vag - Mike Hiratzka (Lost Angeles Recordings)
9. Coffe Machine [ all mixes ] - Human8 (Morphosis Records)
10. It'll Glitchy Drunk [ Original / Interplay Remix ] - Derek Howell (Groove Collection Black)

Sasha Le Monnier @192kbps part 2 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Sasha Le Monnier (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Sasha Le Monnier (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Sasha Le Monnier @192kbps (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Sasha Le Monnier (Build Up set for Mr C) (House) · Listen · Report
The Optimum House Muzik pt 1 (warm up set for Mr C) (House) · Listen · Report
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Friskysession's003Aug 31st 05 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
In-depth Session's part 1 (House) · Listen · Report
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electronic mix part 1 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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Electronic Project mix Feb 06 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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SheQ Mix for hosted by Inan (Progressive House) · Listen · Report Promo mix (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
That Exposure Show Episode 011 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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August06...Fellin Frisky! (Progressive House) · Listen · Report 120 min Sept 06 (House) · Listen · Report
October mix 06 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
November 06 mix (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Proton Radio...On Demand...Source Of Gravity Show 27th Nov 06 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report (Isle Groove Mix) Feb 07 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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March Promo Mix 07 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report Feb 07 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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2hr Mix May07 Part 2 (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
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DI.Fm Radio - Aug08 - 2hr (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
DI.FM Radio - Sept 08 2hr Mix (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
November 08 2hr mix (Progressive House) · Listen · Report
Frisky Radio - Artist Of The Week (Progressive House) · Listen · Report

Sasha has always had a passion for music from a very early age, she was surrounded by vinyl, from as young as she can remember, with her mum being a keen fan of music with 1000's of 78's Sasha's love for music & vinyl was most definitely discovered, enjoying such a broad range of sounds from Blue's,Country Western, Rock, Pop and Soul from 60's right unto late 80's!
In 1989 she came across her first taste of Acid House / House Music, at the ‘Inn On The Park (Jersey). At the time the park was rated as one of the top 10 raves in Europe during the late 80’s to early 90’ hosting nights with the best names in dance music such as Sasha, Carl Cox and many other pioneering DJ’s from back in the day. Having watch the dj's perform and remembering her love for vinyl as a child, she was hooked by the mixing bug, in 1997 she bough her first set of deck’s and has never looked back! Sasha has enjoyed mixing all styles of house , breaks and trance over the last 11 years, whilst playing along side many jocks such as, Mistress Mo (Gift from the Gods) and Stuart King (Sunday Club) and many more local talented dj's from within her island. She has managed and promoted her own night's The Red Light Sessions, The Top floor - Ware House, and Bar Lingo and also had plenty of guest mixes over the years in many a club in and around Jersey.
Totally fascinated by the whole sound and still driving to improve her status as a dj, in 2005 she decided to take her music to the world wide web, she joined internet radio site's and began her own residencies monthly with stations like Scratch N Spin,, DI.FM, Electronic Project.Net championing up and coming new jocks with the likes of Chris Lake, Paolo Mojo, J&S project and Parallel Sound, along with the tried and tested, King Unique, Tom Stephan (Superchumbo),Ricky Stone and 16Bit Lolitas to name but a few. She also has regular appearances on station's like Proton Radio, Frisky Radio where her flawless set's have landed her more guest mixes on more than 34 other internet stations aswell! Also this year seen her hook up with long time friends Stevie Fitz and James Leaman, here they formed a collective known as C.O.U. Muzik ( Collective,Organized,Underground Muzik ) all 3 knew exactly what they wanted within the EDM scene, that was to start writing and producing their own material. Their first release called 'Dirty Sundae' was signed in 2005 to Toryumon U.K, this was the beginning of a love for more material to be written and released and has now seen C.O.U. Muzik with over 20 releases to present day, including remixes and EP's, working along side artist's like Matt Rowan, Chloe Harris, Kris b & Nosmo, Royal Sapien, Ogi Gee Cash & Synchronized, Jeff Devas, Native, Darin Epsilon with support for their work coming from dj's like Hernan Cattaneo, Sandra Collins, Ian Ossia, Flash Brothers, Eelke Kleijn, Moshic, Anil Chawla to name but a few! 2006, see's her teaching a classroom full of pupils at one of Jersey's secondary schools ( Haute Vallee ), showing the pupils everything they need to know on how to become a dj, from the equipment, the different style's of music and of course learning the techniques of mixing, here she was also blown away by the enthusiasm and interest that the pupils had shown her and has remembered the day ever since! She of course, feel's it should be a regular fixture on the pupils timetable at school! In Dec 2006 she started working for the U.K Label Source Of Gravity Digital / Gravitation Digital as part of there in house team as there UK based Promotions Rep.
2008, see another great start to the year, with remixes and more originals working alongside Native, Jacco @ Work, Kris b & Nosmo, Chloe Harris, Royal Sapien, Sean McClellan, The Chrono logic, Santerna, Marcie, to name but a few. Oct08 see's her travel to Charlotte - N.C [ U.S] for the annual 'Source Of Gravity' tour, where she played 3 gig's at Tutto Mundo, Kiss Nightclub and Liv- [ Hom Nightclub ], with already plans in place to go back next year!
We can safely say, that Sasha's is firmly pushing her love for music all around the globe, whether it be in her flawless mixes you hear or her work with C.O.U. Muzik, she is constantly learning more and more everyday, the learning never stops, that's what makes her strive so hard as a dj and writer/producer to continue feeding the globe, with all the hottest EDM sounds around!!
You can find more info on Sasha le Monnier ( C.O.U. Muzik ) by visiting the site's below!

Associated Links:

Radio Shows :

..Sasha Le Monnier Presents.. Gravitation Digital
@ every third Wenesday of each month @ 9pm GMT

Sasha Le Monnier Presents..Coulomb Muzik
@ every second Monday of each month @ 7pm GMT


Original Releases:
C.O.U. Muzik - Astralis - + Remixes - Bellarine Recordings
C.O.U. Muzik - Third Watch - + Remixes -Bellarine Recordings
C.O.U. Muzik - Airflow -+ Remixes - Gravitation Digital-
C.O.U. Muzik - The Parish lands E.P - Gravitation Digital
C.O.U. Muzik -The 9.30 Express + Remixes- Gravitation Digital
C.O.U. Muzik - Charly Wobblers Day Out - Fiberlineaudio
C.O.U. Muzik - Dirty Sundae - Toryumon U.K

Darin Epsilon - Bluephobia - C.O.U. Muzik's Deep Narcosis Mix - Source Of Gravity Digital -- OUT NOW!!
Native - Trying Times - C.O.U. Muzik Remix - LuPs Records
Native - Moods EP - C.O.U. Muzik's Deeper Than Feelings Mix - Pangea Recordings
Ogi Gee Cash 'Tokyo" - C.O.U. Muzik's Drift Mix - Balkan Connection
Matias Popoff - Girl Cooperate - C.O.U. Muziks Coercion Mix - Ascension Records
Darin Epsilon - Bluephobia - C.O.U. Muzik's Deep Narcosis Mix - Gravitation Digital
Tim Mills Pres -The Muse" -C.O.U. Muzik Sleeping Satellite Mix - Gravitaion
Sean McClellan -Times Up E.P - "Big Scoop" -C.O.U. Muzik's Ice Deluxe Feat Hannah Mix - Source Of Gravity Digital
Ogi Gee Cash & Synchronized - Madeness Over Me - -C.O.U. Muzik's Trojan Horse Mix - Fiberlineaudio
Jeff Devas - Madame Rendezvous - C.O.U. Muzik's Three Decca Mix - Fiberlineaudio
Matt Rowan "Foresight" - C.O.U. Muzik's Submerged Mix - Fiberlinaudio

Forthcoming Releases
Jacco @ work - Want To Make You Cry - C.O.U. Muzik's Tear Drop Mix - Bellarine Recordings - Release Date TBC
C.O.U. Muzik - With Sheep In Mind - Release Date TBC
C.O.U. Muzik - Beau Soleil - TBC
The Chrono Logic - New Beginings - C.O.U. Muzik Remix - Bellarine - Release Date TBC
Kris b Vs Nosmo & Brmuda - Porcupine - C.O.U. Muzik's Prickly Beats Mix -Nightshade Music - Release date TBC
Jacco @ Work - Hashcake - C.O.U. Muzik Remix - LuPS Records - Release Date TBC
Sasha Le Monnier & Sean McClellan - Moody Fusion - + Remixes - Source Of Gravity Digital - Release Date TBC

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