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Jenny Jones

DJ, Vocalist, Visual Artist / Vancouver, Canada
MUSIC: Breaks & Breakbeat, Deep House, Funky House, House, Other, Progressive House, Soulful House, Tech House, Tribal
AFFILIATION: Sundown Collective, Ontario Division

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Jenny's musical journey began at a very early age, listening to her parents' vinyl in the basement and then eventually selling her old toys at a yard sale to begin her own music collection. Add to that Sunday afternoons taping "Casey Kasem's Top 40 Countdown" and "Rock Over London" off the radio- using the pause button with great dexterity (!) and thus creating her first "mixes". :)
Jenny became interested in dance, and quickly made idols of Madonna, Janet & Michael Jackson, and Paula Abdul and would spend every spare moment with her best friend tucked away in the basement choreographing routines and studying music videos... and dreaming of an exciting life outside of her Northern Ontario hometown! She eventually moved to Vancouver in 1995 and began a ten year adventure.

Around the same time that Jen was learning how to dj. (2001), she found herself in the mid-west for a year where she gained valuable insight and experience working in a record store alongside owner Darren K. who was also one of the state's top dj./ promoters (currently residing in New York). She also managed and promoted Dj. Yunus (currently in New York), who within that year was voted one of the city's best dj's in the local entertainment paper "Tulsa Times". The two went on to secure a Saturday residency along with local house dj's at the popular club DYM before they left the city, one of the first "all-house" nights in a city full of trance and jungle! No small feat!

"Tulsa is where I learned to get over playing in front of a crowd... until then I had really only played in front of my friends and at house parties where you don't have that huge soundsystem. The people in the scene in Tulsa are very supportive and gave me many chances to play along with them. I believe that living there also gave me a new ear for different sounds, and a great appreciation for how this music binds us all together, no matter where we find ourselves." - Jenny Jones

"Jenny Jones began her DJ career in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before making her way back to (Vancouver). Also, as part of the Sundown Collective of BC, she has played at numerous after-hours events and parties; her sound has been described as deep, soul-influenced tech-house that always keeps the room movin'." - Tom Thomas of TAAL Productions RE: Overproof @ Lotus Lounge, Vancouver

notable past gigs:
Frankie Bones 4:20 party(VIP lounge), Tulsa (2002)

  • Saturdays @ club DYM w. Yunus, Tulsa (2002)

  • Tuesdays @ Brass Monkey w. Billy the Kid, Vancouver (2003)

  • Saturdays @ 555 Davie w. Billy, Chris David, Garret Ellington & guests, Van (2003)

  • Intimate Productions NYE 2K3 w. fab locals, Van (2003)

  • Luxy-licious Pride Day, Van (2003)

  • Pallendrome wrap parties, Van (2003)

  • Sundown Collective's Sweet N' Low, Van (2003)

  • Halloween Hootenany on Pender Island (2003)

  • Overproof @ Lotus w. Billy the Kid, Alison Barth, Mighty Mac, Van (2003)

  • Andy Caldwell @ Ginger 62, Van (2004)

  • Pussy Galore v.5 @ Sonar, Van (2004)

  • Passion @ Legendary Vancouver Rowing Club, Van (2004)*
  • Billy the Kid original tracks: "Rhythm of ya Soul" f. Jenny Jones, 2004 "Rainstyx" f. Jenny Jones & Fast Molly, 2003

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