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AGENCY : Global Roster : Jacqui  

DJ, Producer, Promoter / Lausanne, Switzerland
MUSIC: Other, Tech House, Techno
AFFILIATION: Harry Klien Newtworks/ Archipel / DOM

BOOKING CONTACT: mobile::: +4179 604 37 31
Tech House
1. Oblivcleas - Magda (Minus)
2. Sieso - Ricado Villalobos (Cadenza)
3. Walk - Hemman & Kaden (Milner Modern)
4. Treat me bad - AgnŔs (Mini Bar)
5. Lost Vox - Mathias Shaffhauser (Ware)
6. Remedy - Pheek (LeftRoom)
7. Charisma rmix - Pheek (Tic Tac Toe)
8. The Joint Echo - Lee V Dowski & Quenum (Num Records)
9. nxt - Lee V Dowski & Hrdvision (Plak Records)
10. Convienience Store - Matt Thibideau (Statmisik Toronto)

Mix (Tech House) · Listen · Report
A Thursday nite @ myhouse for Danny (Tech House) · Listen · Report
A helluva Lota Chocolate (Other) · Listen · Report
A helluva Lota Chocolate (Tech House) · Listen · Report
A Thursday nite @ myhouse for Danny (Tech House) · Listen · Report
An after with Angels (Tech House) · Listen · Report
Jacqui - A Mean Mini (Tech House) · Listen · Report
A Mean Mini (Techno) · Listen · Report
Jacqui -Monster MiniShake (Techno) · Listen · Report
Jacqui -live @ La Ruche (Techno) · Listen · Report
Jacqui live @ La Ruche part 2 (Techno) · Listen · Report
Jacqui_ Merry MiniShake_Dec 07 (Techno) · Listen · Report
Slow Sunny March MiniShake_2009 (Techno) · Listen · Report

Jacqui was born and bred in Zambia, Africa and comes from a music lovin´\' family. From a very young age she was singing soul music in bars with her sister and brother while ´┐Żhippie Mom´┐Ż played the piano.
Jacqui fell in love with electronic music the first time she heard in 1994 and has mixed and bought records regularly since then. She has worked in the ´┐Żmilieu´┐Ż for years, booking for many events and clubs in and around Switzerland.
Booking and management took up most of her time until she became resident at ´┐ŻLa CauseTek´┐Ż (literally ´┐ŻThe Talk Tek´┐Ż) in Lausanne before starting the legendary underground ´┐ŻLa BlablaTek´┐Ż and since then has worked at her djing skills seriously.
She is regularly in Tribal Zone Studios with Frank Master, dabbling at this and that. They have recently released a few tracks on on a compliation for the Marry Klein festival which has to date been downloaded over 22\'000 times.
She presents a live radio program once a month on local Radio Chablais called ´┐ŻLIVE DJ´┐Ż with Laurent Kern (Trock) The program is dedicated to djing and focuses on motivating new talent.
Her musical influences are wide and varied and this can be felt in her music where she finds it difficult to abide to one particular ´┐Żstyle´┐Ż At first she was tempted by techno / hard techno and was greatly influenced by artists such as Dave Clark, Robert Hood, Claude Young etc then swerved to darker Electro (Neil Landstrum and such) before finding herself doing what she really loves: groovy clicks ´┐Żn cuts.
She also does 60s /70s funky soul /Disco as aka Motown Mama. She best describes her music as ´┐Żshake ´┐Żya ass music´┐Ż and now sticks to anything that has a groove to it, be it Tekhouse, Groove Electro, FunkyTek or Minimal Tekhouse.
Jacqui is behind the MiniShake concept which is the only of it\'s kind to have been by 8 different venues thoughout Switzerland. She is also founder of 2 daylight festivals held by the lake side in Lausanne: The Chocolate Festival and Break da Rostigraben

Jacqui is best behind the turntables, as a performing artist, her warm character and antics make her a local favorite.
For any booking contacts or demos please contact

::: Jacqui
::: +41 79 604 37 31

:::Listen ?

: R´┐Żf´┐Żrences :

She has played alongside:
(in A-Z order not preference) ADA (Areal / DE) Alex Like (Beam / CH) Aster OH (Undercover, 7b, mercurochrome /CH) Bruno Pronsato (Telegraph, Hello Repeat? / USA& DE) Chaton (Plak / CH) Chicks on Speed (Chicks on speed rec. / USA) Chlo´┐Ż (Tigersushi, Katapult FR) Cosili (Stattmusik, Platform 45 /ZH) Crowdpleaser (Mental Groove /CH) Dan Berkson (Poker Flat, Crosstown Rebels / UK) Daniel Meteo (Katapult / FR) Destrofil LIVE (ARM / CH) Digitaline (Cadenza / CH) Dj Nat (Sacandal ! / ZH) Dj Girl (Bern) Djiva (Mmagic Move / ES) Dario Zenker (Num Balkon /DE) Eli Vervein (Sacandal ! / CH) Ellen Alien (BPitch Contol / DE) Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer (F.Com / F) Fatale (FR) Frank Master (Ray Gun, Tribal Zone / CH) Funwerkstatt (Super Fany Recordings / DE) Ghetto Po (Archipel, 7b / CH) Gino (Viking Music / CH) Iana Himnia (Barcelona /ES) James What (Einmaleins, Poker Flat / UK) Kugelfisch (Beam / CH) Lee Curtis (Adjunct / USA) Luciano aka Lucien N (Cadenza, Perlon / CH) Lukas Klesattel (Beam /CH) Magda (Minus / DE) Marc H´┐Żrlemann (Fegawerk / ZH) Mike Wall (Safari / Produkt / DE) Martin Landsky (Poker Flat) Masaya (CHILE) Mastra (Minibar / CH) Mathew Herbert (UK) Micheal Mayer (Kompakt / DE) Mignon (Pale Music / DE) Mike Wall (Produkt /DE) Mirweis Sangin (Phictiv, Imploz / CH) Miss Fitz (Archipel, SushiTek / DE) Mmagic Move (ES) Monoteque (Mueca / CH) Moritz von Pein (Kahlwild / DE) MU (Japan) Pan - Pot (Mobilee, Einma Leins Muzik - DE) Pheek ( Archipel, Left Room, Adjunct, Tic Tac Toe, Toys for Boys / CAN) Plastique de Reve (7B, Turbo, Gigolo Rec / CH) Pravda (Le Chinois / FR) Red Robin (Platzhirch- Shallplatten, Bar 25 / DE) Salvador Freda (Freaks on Friday / VD) Samantha C. Waldram (Barcelona / ES) Sebastien Herre (Produkt / DE) Serafin (Bruchstueke / CH) Smash TV (Bpitch Control / DE) Sonja Moonear aka SM Junction (Perlon / Female Pressure / CH) St.Plomb (Mental Groove / CH) Styro (Bruchstueke / CH) Taylor Savvy (Kitty Yo / CAN) Violette (Einmaliens, Telegraph / Argentina) Water Lilly (Mental Groove / CH) Zimpala (FR)

International :
Anti Sonar (Barcelona)
Divan du Monde (Paris)
Fellini (Barcelona)
Marry Klein Festival (Munich)
Bar 25 (Berlin)
Club 103 (Berlin)
FEMLEK Festival (Barcelona)
Macarena Club (Barcelona)
Macumba (France)
She´┐Żs Girls Fine Club (Barcelona)
Zentraus (Barcelona)
Le Monte Cristo (Les Fins - France)

Parties / Festivals
Caprices festival (Crans ´┐ŻMontana)
Jazz Onze (Lausanne)
Les Femmes s\'en m´┐Żlent @ D ! Club (Lausanne
LUFF (Lausanne)
Moulin Bleu (Vieux Moulin / Cully)
Street Parade After with Beam Records & Minimal Designer / ZH)
Tunnel Party (Angst Production / Bern)
VIBIC (ZH) - F´┐Żte de la Montagne (Les Marcottes)
Wir Gehen Baden ´┐Ż (Minimal Designer / Baden)
Break de Rostigraben
Lethargy (Rote Fabrik Zurich)

BaRoke (Crans Montana)
4310 (Lausanne)
Bout du Monde (Geneva)
Box Club (Ardon)
Casa Chocs (Neuch´┐Żtel)
Caves du Manoir (Martigny)
Centre Point (Bern)
D! Club (Lausanne)
Formbar (Bern)
Fri-Son (Fribourg)
L´┐Żindigo (Vevey)
Grand Cafe (ex-Shalimar / Bern)
La Ruche (Lausanne)
Legend (Bienne)
Loft Electro Club (Lausanne)
MAD (Lausanne)
Moa Club (Gen´┐Żve)
Mokka Club (Thun)
Notausgang (Bern)
Paparazzi (Lausanne)
Paradox (Neuch´┐Żtel)
Reithalle /Reitschulle (Bern)
Rocking Chair (Vevey)
Rote Fabrik (Zurich)
Terra Mitica (Neuch´┐Żtel)
The Club (Lucern)
The Hidden (Solothurn)
The Hive Club (Zurich)
Too See ( Fribourg )
Veaudoux Club (Monthey)
Via Felsenau (Bern)
V-SO (Martigny)

La CauseTek Pianissimo 11 (Lausanne)
Jet Lag (Lausanne)
L´┐Żaiglon (Geneva)
L´┐Żenvers (Lausanne)
Le Croquignoles (Verbier)
Le VI em (Vevey)
MGM Caf´┐Ż (Lausanne)
Monki´┐Żs (Crans Montana)
PUR (Lausanne)
Silber Bar (Zurich)
Wohnzimmer Les Amis (Bern)
XX iem (Fribourg)

Radios & Downloads:
Couleur 3
Radio Bresse (FR)
Radio Chablais
Uzic (Radio Banane)

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