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DJ / Brooklyn, New York, USA
MUSIC: Deep House, Downtempo, House, Tech House, Techno


CourtneyK got her start in a small town on the West Coast of Florida. Going to small clubs and raves the DJs that were making the crowds dance and smile inspired her. In 1998, after moving to Gainesville, she started collecting records, practicing her mixing and finding a style that was right for her.

December 1998: CourtneyK was invited to play out at one of her favorite late-night spots, The Soulhouse. From there she was instantly offered a residency at The 2nd Street Speakeasy, where she held a 9yr weekly residency. In the Fall of 1999 ThatGirlsGotRhythm & CourtneyK found each other and she was instantly signed on.

TGGR helped CourtneyK to throw parties that include the various sounds and talents of all friends. Vocalists, horn players, and drummers are some of the live instrumentation that she likes to add to her music while playing out. Mixing funky baselines and jazzy melodies, CourtneyK plays for herself as well as her listening audience.

'I love the sounds of live instrumentation when played during my sets. Having spontaneous creativity with a group is fun and inspiring, for the group and those that are watching. I love music, I want to learn more about it and how to play other instruments. Music is my trade, and one day I hope that I can share it throughout the world. Seeing people dance and get into the music inspires me. I have been a DJ in Gainesville for the last Decade. I am involved in Gainesville's NightLife Scene as a DJ and Bartender at Some of the Gainesville's Local HotSpots.'

I enjoy all types of music, as you can see in my Shows:

'Off the Avenue' Tuesdays on
the 'Friday Pre-Party' on TV (6-8p EST)
the 'Friday Night Afterhour' Show (2-3a Saturday Morning) on 94.7 fm in Gainesville, FL

That Girl's Got Rhythm is working hard for You! TGGR consists of DJs JuliaMarie and CourtneyK. Check out our upcoming events!! Get involved!! Contact us, We're ALWAYS looking for artists, performers, and other Lady Dj's that Love to Get Down!!!'

Dj Courtney K's Resume


Vibe 01-02, 03-04
Bank 02-04
2nd St. Speakeasy 99-08
The Loft 03
Plasma Lounge 03-current
Star Bar 08
SPANNK 08-current


BluSushi with BiggJohn/ Monthly 06-current



Budious Maximus 99 & 00
Hyde Park Caf´┐Ż 02, 03, 04
The Lobby Bar 01 & 02
Bahasa Lounge 04
The Exchange 02
Malio's Restaurant 03, 04
Ceviche 08, 09


A.K.A. Lounge 01
Thee Grotto 02
Knock Knock 03
Peacock Room 09


Soul House 99, 00, 01
Lush 00
Saoca 00
Karma 00
Plasma 03-08
Whiskey Room 03, 04, 06
Spannk 08

South Beach

Tanja 99
Opium Garden 01
Tantra 01
Touch 01


Anu 05
SupperClub 08
Sunday Soul, 08
YCTV Headquarters 08

New York


Ft. Myers

The Beat Club 00
BluSushi 06, 07, 08
Blu3 07, 08

Istanbul, Turkey

The G Club 02
The Cantina Club 02

Geneva Switzerland

New Years 99 Welcome to the new Millennium Gainesville
New Years 00 Miami Tanja
Pajama Jammy Jamm 00,01,02
Tropical Heatwave 00 & 01
WMC 7 & 7 @ Tanja (Gary Thoulouis) sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger 02
WMC 02
New Years 03 Big Box Event Hall Izmir, Turkey
3rd Annual San Francisco Dj Gangbang @ SupperClub 08
Remote Festival Geneva Switzerland 09

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