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AGENCY : Global Roster : JADE BASSIX  

DJ, Remixer, Label Owner / Eugene, Oregon, USA
MUSIC: 2-Step, 80s, Ambient, Breaks & Breakbeat, Downtempo, Drum n' Bass, Electro, Electro-breaks, Electro-house, Funky House, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Psy-Trance, Tech House, Techno, Tribal
AFFILIATION: So Broken Recordings / Sister USA / Rinse Mag

Drum n' Bass
1. Bad Cell Jay Cynik Remix - Bad Company (So Broken Recordings)
2. Papa's Song Original Mix - Jay Cynik (So Broken Recordings)
3. Systems Go Original - D-Region (Furious Records)
4. Guntalk Original Mix - Ewun (Bar Code Recordings)
5. Boom Blast John B Remix - Freestylers (Against The Grain)
6. Silicon Mistress Original Mix - Q Project (Hospital Records Limited)
7. Without You Original Mix - John B (Hospital Records Limited)
8. Butterfly Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix - DJ Marky, XRS (Innerground)
9. Shattered Original Mix - Gremlimz & Friske (Renegade Hardware)
10. Backlit Original Mix - D:Ecco & Sabotage (Terraformat)

Vertigo (Drum n' Bass) · Listen · Report
Vertigo (Electro) · Listen · Report
Floorplay (Electro-house) · Listen · Report


For the past decade Jade Bassix has immersed herself in the electronic dance music scene and has been remixing tracks and DJing around the world. She started out in 1996 promoting Oregon raves, then in 1999 she began DJing drum and bass and hard techno at small town raves and hosting shows on internet radio stations such as and She has since moved her career full steam ahead to an international level.

Jade Bassix founded and still currently is CEO and A&R for North America's first female owned all-genre inclusive record label, So Broken Recordings, where she signs stand-out northwest based electronic artists; and So Broken Radio, an internet based radio station with live DJ mix shows.

She also acts as the northwest scene advisor, and music reviewer for notable publications and websites such as Rinse Magazine, and Shejay. And has interviewed top local northwest artists and national favorites such as AK1200.

Jade Bassix, in 2004, began various production and remixing projects, the first of which will be released the summer of 2006. During this same year she was in the running and considered as one of the top 3 DJs to appear on the MTV show Wade Robson Project, and she was the sole electronic act on the CODE of the cutz stage for the Warped Tour for the second year in a row.

She currently focuses production efforts on techno, electro, and breakbeat music and continues to DJ drum and bass, breakbeat, electro, techno, house, and downtempo/ambient sets. Her keen sense of musical talent and strong business mindset will continue to bring her success and greatness for years to come.

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