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AGENCY : Global Roster : Yshara  

Vocalist / Baltimore, Maryland, USA
MUSIC: House
AFFILIATION: Shejay, Loveslap


Multi~cultured~musical Baltimore born vocalist Sonya Vallet aka Yshara was
raised trilingual in Madrid, where she debuts professionally as the youngest and
only lady on the first ever seven day straight parade of world class jazz
greats in Spain, opening for Master Pianist Oscar Peterson at the 1er Festival
Internacional de Jazz de Madrid. Balancing a busy jazz club schedule for six
years, she silently explores her piano lessons with Julia Sanchez, recuperates
from ballet instructions from Javier Ximenez, tours with gospel mentor Donna
Hightower on the side, and adopts the gift of brasilian music and language forms
from prazed maze singer-song-writer Fernando Girao.

After receiving a Certificate in Music from The Naropa Institute of
Boulder/CO via Bill Douglas, Paul McCandless, and Allen Ginsberg, she continues her
musical credentials at The City College of NY with Ray Santos, who introduces her
to Mario Bauza and The Village Gate, as well as with Ron Carter, who
introduces her to the one-woman owned Bridge Agency, where she works as Assitant
Manager for the 1st Mount Fuji Jazz Festival in Japan. She later receives Carte
Blanche to The NYC's Parsons' School of Music via co-founder Arnie Laurence,
where she is able to interact and study with upcoming musicians like Roy
Hardgrove, Adam Cruz, and longtime international artists such as Brandford Marsalis,
Tania Maria, Bernard Purdie, and Jerry Gonzalez from The Fort Apache Band
amongst others.

Upon moving to Tokyo, she is produced onto the budding acid-jazz scene by DJ
Krush's debut, and by Monday Michiru, with whom she tours five consecutive
years amidst the founding underground scene that would affect various movements
internationally. She took a year off in Montreal to polish her writing skills
under Claude Krespin's wing, in close inspirational contact with The Cirque Du
Soleil. Her return to Boulder brought a live recording feature with
electronica group Fat Mama, more recordings with Bill Kopper, and a long awaited
release under Danny Heines' new Vadadisc label. From here, a partnership with
Charles Spencer also ensued, which draws her deeper into dance music production
with DJs like Migues Migs, Ra Soul, Jay-J, Gemini and Julius Papp.

Now living in her native Baltimore for the first time, she can be found on
local recordings sub-licensed in Europe with Patrick Turner and T-Kolai,
gradually impressing the need for more live vocal interaction on the scene via
regulars DJ Willie, Kerem Ulken, Donny Burlin, and Jason Gray.

In parallel, her first professional writings begin online for Sydney based
Breakevencrew, focusing on international DJs and Musicians like Monday Michiru,
Marshall Jefferson, Jimmy Wilson, Soul Providers, Oji & Pope, Mike Fiorita,
Swedish House Crew, Vincent Kwok, Lea Liza, Marcel Schooler (Khaimar), David
Duriez & Ludovic Llorca (Brique Rouge), Charles Spencer & Jesse Singer
(Loveslap), Kelvin Kresge (Moulton), Jaymz Nylon (Irma), Lars "LB" Behrenroth (BOC),
Taha & Kolai (Vinylicious), and Andrew Macari (Hula Groove) amongst others. She
observes the arena with reviews around the world for BeyondJazz, InnerLoopDC,
SheJay, Pitch Adjust, Hands On Wax... continuing her percussion and painting
practice on off time.

Sonya Vallet aka Yshara continues to explore her creative, compositional and
improvisational style through various perspsectives in music, bringing a sound

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