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EDITORIAL : Interview : Bloody in Berlin  

  Bloody in Berlin : *
Submitted by Shejay
(August 31, 2008)

Bloody Mary, France's finest import in the Berlin techno scene has been busy DJing, producing beats, and jamming with her band Gipsy Family. In between breaths, she managed to catch up with Shejay to discuss her work and her upcoming DJ mix compilation "Tanz Mit Mir"...

Ok first off, why Bloody? ;)

One night in london was to drunk because of the voldka !

How would you best describe your musical style?

Hmmmm itīs techno and groovy

You have a mix compilation called Tanz Mit Mir on 1 Sept - what can we
expect from this?

I did this mix compilation for the label toys for boys, with a lot of tracks I love ( I made the choise for all of them in february 2008 ). And now, some tracks are a big hit like " the sloop" by Hugo on Tuning Spork, thatīs good!

When did you start producing and what inspired your main inspiration for getting into the studio?

I start producing 2 years ago, first Ep was on Sender records. I love to be in studio but the DJing is my favorite occupation !!!

Tell us who some of your biggest influences are.

Steve Bug for many years.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

(To) produce one track with Carl Craig of course !

Since relocating to Berlin, your career has taken off. What prompted your move? Do you feel that France didn't have the right setting for your music?

Pfffffffff ... France is the best country for food for the rest .... better to live in Germany :)

There seems to be so many quality female DJ/producers coming out of Berlin the last 5 years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems there's a more equal playing field for women in music in Berlin than in other cities where it's treated as a novelty or women producers are not taken as seriously. Do you think this creates a better support system for girls like yourself to be able to put your music out there?

What ! if youīre good, youīre good .. Whatever where you live ! Berlin is not the place to be to become a " good female dj" ha ha ha .. For exemple my friend Jenifer cardini is still in Paris and she'sgreat !

Tell us more about your group Gipsy Family. What's your role and what kind of sound is the group producing?

Gipsy family is : quenum, dachshund and me. Weīre real friends and itīs so great and so funny to make music all together! Itīs sound more like house music. We have to prepare soon the second Ep on Contexterrior.

Off all the places you've played thus far, name your favorite.

Best clubs : Fabric, Watergate
Best country : Mexico

What can we expect next from Bloody Mary?

Im for the moment in studio for making my first album on Contexterrior, upcoming in 2009 . And I hope to have time to make a new Ep on sender the next year too :)

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