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EDITORIAL : Review : Benoit & Sergio - New Ships (Original Mix)  

  Benoit & Sergio - New Ships (Original Mix) : Miss Foxy reviews the latest tunes by Benoit & Sergio!
Submitted by Miss Foxy
(September 30, 2012)
About: Miss Foxy

Benoit & Sergio - New Ships (Original Mix)
Released Sepember 27th 2012

Having researched into Benoit & Sergio's and their current label 'Visionquest' I was taken aback at the amount of material this duo have down that has taken the electronic music world by storm. Such EP's as 'Where The Freaks Have No Name', in which the single 'Walk and Talk' hit the dance world with its catchy soulful beat that I can't start listening to! I love the lyrics 'She doesn't wash her hair, doesn't wash her clothes and when I come home she doesn't even say hello'. So I didn't know what to expect from their latest single 'New Ships' released earlier this year in September. Their lyrics are definitely a starting point in many online forums. The single is described as a younger more beautiful version of their current debut.

So the opening track 'Lipstick and Lace' has a steady bassline with vocals that describe unfamiliar places, you can't help but let the track get under your skin. Its groove reminds me of a souped up version of Horse Meat Disco with such tracks as 'Fire To Desire' springing to mind! They've thrown in the works with piano chords, major synth hooks and a lotta' pop madness! 'Not in your Nature' follows next, in which we are able to see both grooves and lyrics deepened with vocals floating above a tantalising hypnotic bassline, capturing the moodiness of Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the Night.

And finally New Ships hits you like a rolling wave of bass and Rhodes chords, washing across a sunset beach. We are able to hear the distant echo of 'So many nooses around my neck, as I stare at the sea waiting for the new ships'. Some believe the lyrics to mean 'the nooses representing the weight of living as they see the infinite possibilities of the future (the sea), waiting for an opportunity'. Me personally? I think it's the best of Benoit & Sergio we have seen for a while since they released their debut, and I for one cannot wait for future releases. Keep the bass rolling in!

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