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EDITORIAL : Review : Annabelle EP  

  Annabelle EP : Just Be
Submitted by Nicole Otero
(November 02, 2012)

Annabelle EP by Just Be

UK's Just Be formerly know as Matthew B takes us on a techy journey that gets quite deep with his Annabelle EP. The original mix seduces you with it's subtle synth stabs and droning vocal samples. The deep mix takes you so far away during the break down you almost forget how dope the original groove was using a haunting conga loop in the mix. The EP ends on a brighter note with a more organic sound on the last mix.

Nicely done by Just be on Annabelle, an EP that will not only keep you dancing but also keep you listening to what new sound is thrown into the mix. Very much looking forward to what else Just Be may have up his sleeve on his future releases.

Review by Nicole Otero - - blog

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