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EDITORIAL : Review : No Sympathy EP  

  No Sympathy EP : Maya Jane Coles
Submitted by Nicole Otero
(November 02, 2012)

No Sympathy EP by Maya Jane Coles

With the incredible year Maya Jane Cole has had winning best new deep house track for "What They Say" as well as Break-Through DJ artist award at the Miami Dance Music Awards, it's not odd to expect quality sounding productions from this artist. With No Sympathy EP that is exactly what you get. Maya's original mix is quick moving with a sexy spoken word that the track revolves around. Djuma Soundsystem really brings the mix home adding a new flair with a simple bassline and hypnotic minimal synth stabs that give you that old school 90's house sound Maya is so known for. Dj Holly mix and the Matthew Burton & Kat Rathod Dub are similar in spirit to the original mix with a bit of a twist.

All in all No Sympathy is a quality deep house release for MJC and Djuma really did it justice.

Review by: Nicole Otero - - blog

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