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EDITORIAL : Article : Grimes Review  

  Grimes Review : Miss Foxy gets to grips with Grimes
Submitted by Miss Foxy
(June 27, 2012)
About: Miss Foxy


It's that time again when I will heading to sunny seaside town Brighton for this year's Great Escape Festival. I'm extremely excited about the line up having bookmarked a variety of artists to see. One in particular I'm yearning to catch a glimpse of is the ethereal Grimes, who is going to be playing Friday 10th May at Digital Venue. There seems to be a collective of beautiful female vocalists emerging at the moment against an electro backdrop with the likes of Berlin based Dillon, Ninja Tune artist Emika not to mention Marina Faib who's subtle vocal perfectly depicts the desolate plains of her surrounding Russian landscape.

Grimes is able to combine minimal rhythms with aspects of dance, in which her use of upbeat electronics beautifully conflicts against her melancholic, ghostly vocal. Grimes, (also known as Claire Boucher) not only produces an amazing performance as a musician but also as an arist, in which she is able to project both music and imagery within her shows. She weaves together the arts of 2D, performance, dance, video and sound. I have even had a glance over her paintings and sketches on her website, in which her illustrative style reminds me of a a darker Ladyhawke.
Boucher was originally born in Vancouver, Canada, coming to Montreal in 2006. Her career as a performer was heavily influenced by the illegal DIY loft culture of Montreal, in which she grew up and was surrounded by a range of scenes stemming from punk to pop music.

Her recent release of Visions is to be Boucher's fourth release in a two year time span. This follows on from Geidi Primes release in 2010, followed by Halfaxa the same year, which is thought to be one of the first lo-fi R&B releases. Darkbloom in 2011 shows the beginnings of Grimes becoming not simply an artist but a producer, experimenting with her early work as well as drawing upon pop aesthetic.

I find that each album explores a variety of styles and influences for Grimes, in which we are able to see how her time in Montreal greatly influenced her exploration into differing techniques. It is said that her newest release Visions, includes influences as wide as Enya, TLC and Aphex Twin, in which she is able to draw upon such genres as New Jack Swing, IDM, New Age, K-pop, Industrial and glitch. Grimes is not simply an musician, but an artist in which she curates her own show, her own style, her own performance. She is constantly evolving; someone you can't help but be drawn towards as she is both musically and aesthetically interesting, and one to watch for the future.

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