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EDITORIAL : Article : Dillon interview  

  Dillon interview : Miss Foxy interviews Dillon
Submitted by Miss Foxy
(May 24, 2012)
About: Miss Foxy

Your're signing to BPitch Control must be an interesting move for you, since the label is predominantly focused upon techno music. Your sound mixes a range of genres from electronica to chamber pop in which you have been compared to the likes of Lykke Li and Fever Ray. Would you say your music is a new direction for Ellen Allien's label, in which you are able to use minimal beats and a range of subtle orchestrations to reinvent electronica, with a vocal that speaks to the soul; losing one's self in contemplation and not simply losing yourself on the dance floor?

I love losing myself on the dancefloor and I love techno music but the music that comes out of me doesnʼt have too much to do with either. I do think that I sound different than what one might expect from an artist signed to BPitch Control but that is exactly what I appreciate about us working together. I feel understood for what I am and what I do without having to try to fit in. There are no boundaries within electronic music and BPitch knows that.

Such tracks off your debut album 'This Silence Kills' as 'You are my Winter' is a prime example of your contemplative sound, with a far more serene tempo that centres the vocal, allowing your voice to dominate the song. Would you say your vocal injects your personality into your music moreso then the majority of today's dance artists, in which your presence is far more known to your audience, often an uncommon quality in today's dance market?

Not only my voice but also my words are very baring. I need to be able to hear myself in my music and I need space and silence in it. For some people it is easier to be moved by someones voice and their words therefore they might find it easier to connect to me. I however, can be as moved by sounds as by the most fragile and touching words.

It has been quoted by prophetic DJ Koze, often known under his guru pseudonym 'Swhaimi' that you: "Sing comfortably imperfect and true. That you have character. And that you have a bright future ahead of you." This wise Hamburg resident seems to know his stuff in which I find your music is quietly captivating, songs that ironically should be played extremely loudly! It's said you made the journey from Brazil to Cologne, recording a couple of DIY videos which give your audience an insight into your self-composed songs. How did this journey affect your album This Silence Kills, is there a particular place that inspires your sound, in which you have gone from simply posting your DIY videos on Youtube to now being tapped as the one to watch for the future of indie pop?

I moved to Cologne when I was five years old and lived there until I was 18. I then left for Berlin. I started writing and singing out of anger and angst. It was all very impulsive and completely disconnected from the city or country that I was in and it remains this way until now. I need to be in a specific mental state to write but that can be achieved independently from my surroundings.

You wrote all your songs yourself, and co-produced your music with Thies Mynther, one half of duo Phantom/Ghost, and Tamer Fahri Ozgonenc, part of the post-Krautrock collective MIT. I hear you got to know Mynther through opening one of Phantom/Ghost's shows, what was it like to play with them? And how has your friendship with Ozgonenc influenced your music?

Playing with Phantom/Ghost was interesting. We played at Centraltheater in Leipzig, a beautiful theater. Tamer Fahri has a very technical and rational approach to electronic music, which is something I lack and I am often scared of coming across when it comes to my work. I wanted to work within a grid without losing any of the roughness and honesty of my work and together we were able to do that. The fact that we have been close for many years meant that we understood each other without having to explain everything and that I could open up without being scared of the result.

I find your style befitting to your music, especially in your video Tip Tapping in which your long draping outfit moves perfectly in time to your vocal. Do you have any key designers who have influenced your style? You have often been compared to the likes of Bat for Lashes, Florence and the Machine and Bjork, would you say any of these musicians have inspired your style in anyway?

Not really, but I do enjoy recognizing myself in clothes and designs. For the past months I have only been wearing pieces by BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE on stage.

I see from you online diary you have a mega load of dates lined up for this summer, attending a number of festivals such as Great Escape in Brighton, Spring Festival in Austria, LÜFTEN MOUSON ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL and DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL in Germany, not to mention Melt Festival in Germany. You must be really excited. I'm lucky enough to be attending Great Escape Festival this year so I shall look out for you, are their any highlight performances of your career so far that particularly stand out for you?

In February I played two sold out shows in Berlin. They were extremely moving. So moving that afterwards I needed to just be home alone for a week.

01. This Silence Kills
02. Tip Tapping
03. Thirteen Thirtyfive
04. Your Flesh Against Mine
05. You Are My Winter
06. The Undying Need To Scream
07. _______________
08. From One To Six Hundred Kilometers
09. Hey Beau
10. Texture Of My Blood
11. Gumache
12. Abrupt Clarity

28.04.2012 PL / Danzig / Electronic Beats Festival @ CSG
10.05.2012 UK / London / The Slaughtered Lamb
11.05.2012 UK / Brighton / The Great Escape Festival
18.05.2012 AT / Vienna / Pratersauna
19.05.2012 AT / Graz / Springfestival @ Postgarage
20.06.2012 DE / Köln / c/o pop @ Millowitsch Theater
23.06.2012 DE / Frankfurt / Lüften Mouson Arts & Music Festival
28.06.2012 DE / Dortmund / Juicy Beats Festival @ Westfalenpark Dortmund
30.06.2012 NO / Oslo / Gut Feelings Festival
13.07.2012 DE / Gräfenhainichen / MELT! Festival
14.07.2012 DE / Nürnberg / St-Katharinen Open Air
09.08.2012 DE / Kassel / Kulturzelt
11.08.2012 DE / Hamburg / Dockville
more dates to come...

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