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EDITORIAL : Review : Unite Us (Remixes) : PNAU  

  Unite Us (Remixes) : PNAU : Ministry of Sound Recordings
Submitted by Nick Pike
(February 05, 2012)

Australian dance duo PNAU release their new single Unite Us with seven eclectic remixes in tow. Overkill you might say? Well maybe. But if you are willing to listen to seven interpretations of the same track then I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised... This single is released on the 6th of February from their upcoming UK album release of Soft Universe through Ministry of Sound via Etcetc music.

PNAU consists of Nick Littlemore (of Empire of the Sun and also the youngest musician to compose for Cirque Du Soleil) and Peter Mayes on Guitar. Their original version of Unite Us peaked in the UK at No.2 in Cool Cuts Chart and No.7 in Music Week's chart. With its killer hook and intoxicating beat, it is difficult not to fall in love with this anthem.

So how do the remixes fair? The single kicks off with a house reinterpretation from Douster and Savage Skulls. It is cool but does sound a little reminiscient of a sweaty night in Ibetha, considering how good the original is, this version does not really do it justice. Having said that, the vocal manipulation is really cool and sits really well with the beat.

Next up is German Kris Menace who takes Unite Us and takes it to a strangely Daft punk-esque synthy paradise. A solid driving beat pushes along and complements Littlemore's vocals and gives it a lush boost. This euphoric reinvention, with its French undertones, sits on the record beautifully. This is followed by the Raffertie remix which could not be a more different approach. The London-based producer takes the track and manhandles it into a lurching sonic assault that is engaging, but certainly not easy listening. The original track is hard to identify with the vocals having been twisted and turned (and reversed) into a frightening, verging on acousmatically driven, soundscape.

Tommy Trash enters next with a great synth hook and a wickedly long build which takes a little while to get there. When the kick comes in, you know this is going to be a solid track. And, good things come to those who wait, so when the drop comes it was certainly worth the near two minute wait. This is yet another club anthem in waiting... Wideboys feature next, with a dance remix reinterpreting and adding to the chorus to make it a really hard-hitting feature of the track. The breaks in the beat lend a really cool juxtaposition between the euphoric elements and the driving dance sections, it is difficult not to tap your feet.
The Wookie house remix is not as big as some of the other tracks but the synth hook, once it is in, is difficult not to swallow line and sinker as well. The single closes with a dubstep remix from Xilent and is a bombastic end to a brilliant collection of tracks. This is my personal favourite and features some stunning synth lines and a ridiculous amount of sub bass attitude.
This collection of remixes, as a precursor to the coming UK album release, is a great taster session to what will no doubt be a brilliant contribution to the charts. Seriously, go and listen to this now.

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