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EDITORIAL : Review : Keep it Coming (Original Mix) : Starkillers and Nadia Ali  

  Keep it Coming (Original Mix) : Starkillers and Nadia Ali : [ Spinnin Records ]
Submitted by Charmain
(December 26, 2011)

Starkillers have teamed up with Nadia Ali of 'iio - Rapture' fame on the vocals for this electro house number. They have previously worked together on the track 'Pressure', a lively vocal house record out at the end of last year. Clearly with that success under their belt it seemed only logical that they get together again with 'Keep it coming' the result, well if it ain't broke...
Big bolshy synths and a piano riff that remind me of 90's trance waving my hands in the air to soft floaty vocals I'm brought back to the 21st century when the sub kicks in with lots of squelchy balloon squishing bass. Nadia's earthy vocals are keenly complimented through the wide spacey chords. The Starkillers Nadia combo should definitely keep them coming!

Words by : ''>Charmain

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