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EDITORIAL : Article : Coachella Music Festival 2012 Officially Sold Out  

  Coachella Music Festival 2012 Officially Sold Out : *
Submitted by Shejay
(January 15, 2012)

Talk about breaking records! Coachella has OFFICIALLY announced that Coachella 2012 is SOLD OUT. Last years Coachella had record breaking sales, selling out in less than a week, but this years Coachella sold out in a mere 3 hours. As people woke up early, everyone was determined to get their Coachella passes, but after hours of waiting in a Standby room, Coachella 2012 officially sold out. With presale layaway tickets sold back in June, Weekend 1 GA sold out, but GA and Shuttle Passes were available for $380. At first, many were planning on getting their weekend 1 tickets, but as soon as the red bar came up saying that tickets for weekend 1 were sold out, they rushed over to the other room to try to get what has easily become the hottest ticket for 2012. What baffles the world is the simple fact that Coachella 2012 isn't just 1 weekend, but it has been carried over for 2 weekends and it still sold out in 3 hours.

Many people are upset with Coachella and ticket provider Front Gate as people waited in the "Standby Room" for 3 hours and never got a single ticket. To purchase Coachella tickets today, it was definitely a game, a game that you had to master. People would open different web browsers in order to try to see which would process first, as well as multiple computers, iPhones, and iPads as people waited like bait at the end of a hook waiting for the big fish to catch us we call Coachella.

Looking back, a few months ago Coachella almost didn't happen as many of the valley's residents who live around the Empire Polo Grounds were not to thrilled once news broke out that Coachella was going to be two weekends for various reasons including traffic, pollution, and noise. But after much debate and a general understanding that tourism from Coachella truly benefits the community and the Coachella Valley's economy, there was no option not to have Coachella happen.

In order to accommodate, GoldenVoice is releasing 1,000 tickets to East Valley Residents for each weekend. East Valley residents doesn't include Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, and Palm Desert, so many "desert rats" are upset. One pass per resident in the ZIP codes 92201, 92203, 92236, 92241, 92253 and 92274 that range from Thousand Palms to the Salton Sea are available with proof of residency in a California ID, but these tickets are non-transferable. These locals-only passes cost $326, including service fees, and must be purchased at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28, but there is no doubt that these tickets are going to sell out faster than today's tickets. Once processed, purchasers will receive a receipt, but their wristbands will not be sent to their houses, rather locals-only tickets will be accompanied with instructions to pick up their passes at a designated location.

If you weren't lucky enough to score tickets through the Coachella website, many second party websites such as Stubhub and TicketLiquidator will be selling tickets, but best believe they will be at a higher price as the demand for Coachella tickets are extreme. Campsites are also non-transferrable after last year people purchased spots for $75 and then sold them for prices that were over $500. Scalpers for this event are at an all time high, so if you didn't purchase your tickets through the Coachella website, be advised that wristbands, not paper tickets, will be distributed in March.


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