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EDITORIAL : Review : Trippin' : Redondo (Original Mix)  

  Trippin' : Redondo (Original Mix) : [ Spinnin Records ]
Submitted by Joe Truby
(December 12, 2011)

When I first received this promo and saw that its called 'Trippin', I immediately had visions of this being an awful cover of the seminal classic by Goldtrixx.

Turns out my visions were wrong & this is a tasty little cover. Superb production from the start give it a chilled, funky vibe added with some easy percussion to sprinkle a little tribal flavour on it.

Theres not alot to this track, but what is there works well and thats the best thing about it, its simple.
It hasnt been over done or rework to be over complicated to the point where you cant even hear the original track in it.

Its kept plain & tidy which ends up giving it alot of space for each of the elements to work, especially the vocal.

Top work from Redondo on this cover of an understated classic.

Out now on Spinnin' Records.

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