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EDITORIAL : Review : Hot Right Now : DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora  

  Hot Right Now : DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora : [ Ministry of Sound Recordings ]
Submitted by Josh Swanson
(February 09, 2012)

DJ Fresh, the man that relentlessly pounds the airwaves with hit after hit is back with the deliverance of his latest single 'Hot Right Now'... a title no less of an understatement than 'Pearl Harbour is quite a long film isn't it?'.

A drum and bass choice this time around and with more energy than a super charged atom compiled with some supreme, crowd shaking, vocoded vocals from Rita Ora,
this is a party track with a big future in early 2012 . Fun melodics, cheering crowd samples and a healthy dollop of bass all smash together in true party style making this a track for the main-room of clubs up and down the country.

Big remix's on the EP from up and coming Bro-step star Zomboy, huge electro/house monsters Kamuki & Redroche and a more than funky-fresh couplet selection of mixes from the broken beats and garage master Zed Bias.

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