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EDITORIAL : Review : Maceo Plex // High & Sexy EP  

  Maceo Plex // High & Sexy EP : Ellum Audio
Submitted by Vincenzo Siracusa
(November 27, 2011)

This beautifully detailed, epic 2 track e.p, is filled with Maceo's unique characteristics. Up beat rhythms, dark, but detailed basslines, his delicate vocal designs, and gritty synths - all mixed together with a 'nu' disco edge. The attention to detail can not go unnoticed in this E.P, as it is so dynamic from start to finish. Maceo's powerful lyrics - though minimalistic, are intelligently layered to enhance the moods.

'Aint that Love'
The taunting lyrics and spaced out 'edgy' bassline, combined with the epic, 'filmic' styled synths, create an emotional track for the listener. Maceo authentically delivers the deep and dark, never losing that industrial, electronic, contemporary disco touch.

'Stay High Baby'
Stay High is the groovier of the tracks, with a pumping, up beat bassline. This track is full of disco and electronic dance influences, but has a dark and sexy tone. Starting as a chilled out 'nu disco' groove, it reveals itself as an electronic dancefloor anthem, progressing with strong build-ups and powerful drops.

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