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EDITORIAL : Review : Hold On : Skepta  

  Hold On : Skepta : [Universal]
Submitted by Joe Truby
(January 01, 2012)

Joseph Adenuga, better known as Skepta releases his new single 'Hold On'. I've always been a fan of Skepta. I've always felt that he raps more true to the heart that some of the other rappers out there that have commercial success, but still keeps his integrity.

'Hold On' is no exception, its all about being the best and not letting anybody beating you and it comes across clearly on the track giving you an elated feeling as you listen to it.
Skepta pens some superb lyrics on this track that have a great subtle quality that you dont always pick up on first listen: 'What's the point in trying if you aint trying your best, they wanna see me six feet under but I'm watching my steps'
As well as the sometimes funny: 'Tell the paparazzi I'm going in tonight, and if they're going to stop me they're going to need some Kryptonite'.

Overall, 'Hold On' is a first class track from Skepta that is more uplifting than we're used to from the man of Grime and it suits him. Included are some tidy little remixes from Jacob Plant & Fred V & Grafix.

Oh yeah, for the train spotters out there, can you find the 'Charlie Sheen' sample?

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