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EDITORIAL : Review : Locked and Loaded: Part 2  

  Locked and Loaded: Part 2 : SOFI [Mau5trap]
Submitted by Nick Pike
(December 05, 2011)

Swiftly following on from Locked and Loaded Pt.1, SOFI releases her hard-hitting second installment. She was good on Deadmau5's '4 x 4 = 12′, but solo (with such names as Skrillex, Kill The Noise and Noisia) it is difficult not to be blown away.

The first track, Bring Out The Devil, melds big bass and swaying drums with SOFI's emotive voice; the lush vocal harmonies in cahoots with a solid amount of delay and reverb make this a massive tune with complex and brilliantly executed production. The EP also includes an acapella version for all of you to play with at home.

'Again Sometime' is the vocal version of 'Tommy's Theme', one of Noisia's seminal tunes. It's big, musically impressive, and a respectable rejuvenation of the original track for the Dutch trio.
This EP is a study in compromise; SOFI strikes an impressive balance between pop accessibility and epic beats, which is well worth a listen.

SOFI feat Skrillex & Kill The Noise - Bring Out The Devil by Pakistar

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