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EDITORIAL : Review : Watch Out EP  

  Watch Out EP : Chloe [BPitch Control]
Submitted by Aneesha Qazi
(December 02, 2011)

Usually releasing tracks on her own label 'Kill the DJ,' Chloe has now returned to Ellen Allien's label Bpitch Control, an EP that is exactly what you would expect from the Parisian DJ.

Chloe has definitely excelled in hitting the chords that require you to move when hearing her tracks on the dance floor especially with 'Chatterbox.' With all three tracks delivering relentless techno sounds, your imagination runs away with you and 'The Shift' in your ear canals could almost teleport you back to Rex Club where Chloe is resident. There are dirty deep sounding lyrics in 'Watch out' that literally make you want to 'watch out' as you become more and more convinced that the answer to your problems is booking a flight to Paris to see her at Open House on the 17th.

CHLOE - Watch out (2MN EXTRACT) / BPITCH CONTROL REC. release date 5.12.11 by Chloe (DJ - Producer)

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