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EDITORIAL : Review : Don't Put Me in Your Box EP  

  Don't Put Me in Your Box EP : Maya Jane Coles [Hypercolour]
Submitted by Ashae
(November 27, 2011)

Maya is back with yet another throbbing and liquid release in Cutting it Fine. Minimal vocals and a sexy, percolating melody encapsulate the best of minimalistic tech house done right. This is quite different from the alienated feel and sound of Dub Child, an essential chilled out steady layering of percussion accompanied by a curious melody that leaves you in a daze.

The EP continues in its mysterious way with Something in the Air, possibly the most unique track on the EP with its after-hours feel and cooling sensation. It has a wintery feel and includes Maya's own unique vocal samples. Parallel World is possibly the most important track on the EP with its bumping, dynamic baseline that is perfect for dropping in any sized venue. Staying true to her minimalistic vocal sampling style, the track carries a deep ambient feel. This release captures what underground house music is today and now.

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