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EDITORIAL : Review : I'm a Gangsta EP  

  I'm a Gangsta EP : Nicole Moudaber [Kling Klong]
Submitted by Ashae
(November 04, 2011)

True to her style, I'm a Gangster brings a deep bass, a touch of classic house, tech house grooves and exquisite electronic sounds that make it worthy of a big room drop. The edgy male vocals add balance and complexity, with a dark tribal feel that can only make ones insides explode in a music orgasm in which they will be subjected to surrender to the bass and dance. The Alli Borem Remix takes it to a new level with deep house electronic sounds and a very ' Dubfire-ish' type of depth and groove. With a space age minimalistic feel, this track will suck you into a story of musical madness and genius.

Staying true to her usual deep tribal sounds and overall theme of the EP, Beyond Borders screams drums and adventure! Electronic elements weave in and out of this track making it appealing both electronically and acoustically. The Bart Skills Remix has a rhythmic consistent heavy bass line, perfect for busting at 6 am. A dark and melodic underlying energy is infused with throbbing tribal touches make it a must-have release.

Nicole Moudaber - I'm A Gangsta EP : Kling Kong by NicoleMoudaber

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Tags: deep house, tech house, female DJs, female producers
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