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EDITORIAL : Review : Hide The Cracks / Charlie  

  Hide The Cracks / Charlie : Sarah Williams White
Submitted by Kasey
(September 08, 2011)

I was torn when deciding on my final spot. Do I celebrate Delilah (the voice behind Chase and Status banger 'Time' now forging ahead with beauteous solo tunes 'Go' and 'Breathe') or....... if you haven't yet met her allow me to introduce you to Sarah Williams White. Her self-produced debut album 'Fool' dropped in early August and I am quite taken with its latest double A sided offering 'Hide The Cracks' and 'Charlie' Who doesn't love song-writing that display's real story-telling not just about how "your
heart is breaking and you can't live without what's-his-name" but the kind of story telling that has you reaching for your laptop whilst tapping your feet, 'cause suddenly you think you can write that novel you've been going on about.

Hailing from Lewisham, London so far Miss Williams White has left the witty repartee made familiar by Lily (Allen) and Kate (Nash) at home, but you can definitely hear the cockney and most importantly the reality. Don't worry, you're not beaten over the head with the Ten O Clock News set to music, no no; Miss Williams White breathes her pictures to life with a sense of fantasy Fiona (Apple) and Florence (and The Machine) would be proud of. I love music that inspires magic in your soul like that.
Now, there are dissenting minds out there who believe Miss Williams White work to be sans soul. To them I say 'phooey'. Dim the lights, pour a nice glass of red, light a cigar if that is your wish and enjoy conjuring dark, whimsical images whilst Sarah Williams White carries you away.

'Hide The Cracks' /'Charlie' out 19th September on Minds On Fire.

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