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EDITORIAL : Review : Tease U  

  Tease U : Queenie
Submitted by Kasey
(September 06, 2011)

Next up, another bassy number, - Tease U by Queenie. OK, so this girl is so new to the game she only has 44 followers on Twitter (even I've got more than that - 73 and counting LOL). DJ Madam X put me onto her and I have been loving off this sound ever since. If ever you are looking for dubstep to Fk like a porn star to, this track is it.

London based singer, producer and self confessed nerd Queenie, has crafted a special little something with a throbbing bassline infused with old skool 808's and a haunting vocal beefed up with so much reverb the whispering voice catches you almost unawares. It seeps into your insides and soon has you bopping your head, lips puckered wishing you could grind up against your lover right here, right now in the office with everyone watching - you don't care. It's that sexy.

It's a very simple track but incredibly effective. In the mix....on the dancefloor....OH MY GOSHH!!!!
Loves it.

Tease U 96 kbps clip by Queenie

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