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EDITORIAL : Review : Infatuation  

  Infatuation : Elisa Do Brasil Feat. Miss Trouble
Submitted by Kasey
(September 07, 2011)

Elisa Do Brasil Feat. Miss Trouble - Infatuation
First up, something of the Breakbeat snogs DnB variety; an unabashed roller, Infatuation begins its assault with an opening sequence which takes you right back to the era of the 80's rock ballads. It even has a little guitar riff which I couldn't help but smile at - the sheer cheek of it! Is this an AC/DC track or what? Or maybe it's the theme tune to a Saturday night TV game-show? Then the first drop comes in ....."AHHHHHHHHHH" and it's on! By time the hook comes in we are well away, proper skipping and bouncing around the office. Miss Trouble sings the hell out it; I mean you can actually hear her putting her back into it. It's pure un-adulterated energy. If your mate is ummm-ing and arrr-ing about going out tonight and they need a little persuading, throw this on and before you know it they'll be dragging YOU to the club - simply gagging for more.

Out now on Viper Recordings

Elisa Do Brasil - Infatuation (feat. Miss Trouble) by Viper Recordings

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