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EDITORIAL : Interview : House of Hannah  

  House of Hannah : *
Submitted by Shejay
(July 16, 2008)

Your latest single is called, "I love America" - of course the name probably says a lot but explain further your thoughts when you to wrote this?
I actually did not write this, this is a cover of a a song by Patrick Juvet and Jacques Morali. Jacques Morali is a fantastic writer/producer, he wrote many many hits in the 70s when he was in NY.

Explain when and how you became acquainted with House music?
I used to live in the French Riviera, near St Tropez, there was a club Le Bal, a gay club, and they had good DJ called Michel Jouve, he really got me into House Music. As a kid I was listening to a lot of Disco and Funk.

Your collaborations list boasts a who's who of house music: Matthias Heilbronn, Lary Heard, Sergio Flores - who would you like to work with next?
I'm going to work with Jamie Lewis, I like Jamie's productions a lot, I'm going to do a single with Alfred Azetto, this is great, and I like Copyright a lot too and I would like to work with them. I did a track with Larry Heard a long time ago, but I would like to do an entire Deep House album with him, for me he's the best.

What producers do you think are really pushing all the right buttons in the dance music scene at the moment?
Quentin Harris is pushing the right buttons for me at the moment: his Jill Scott remix of "Hate On Me" just kills me.

What are your thoughts on the current movements in house music? There seems to be a change in mood from the soulful, light airy sounds to a more dark, techier sounds - does this inspire you or do you feel it's??
I don't really feel that, but I don't play/perform in the darker/techier clubs so may be I just don't hear that kind of sound

What vocalists are you most inspired by?
Julie McKnight (new single cooming out soon on Atal), India (the Queen!!!!!!), Latrice Barnett and Lisa Shaw.

What would you say has been the highlight of your singing career thus far?
I recently went to Japan and this was great. But I think that the highlight would have to be the tour I did last year in India, this was fantastic, I love India, I would like to go and live there!

Ever consider trying your hand at DJing or producing in the future....? ;)
Well guess what I'm now DJing, I try to DJ every week end, I'v been Djing in Argentina, Miami, Japan, Bulgaria, France!!! I'm going to Asia in August. And I'm going to do a remix a track from South Africa.

What inspires you most in life and in your work?
Travels are very inspiring, I get all these ideas (melodies and lyrics) when I travel, it's coming out of my head just like that, I'm not too inspired when I'm in Paris.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring young female vocalists?
To develop your own style is the most important, try not to imitate other singers.

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I actually did not write this, this is a cover...">

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