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Bat for Lashes : Interview From Pitchfork
Submitted by: Shejay
Natasha Khan is a performer in the truest sense of the word. On her second album as Bat for Lashes, this year's Two Suns, the UK singer and songwriter hitches her real-life tale of a dying trans-Atlantic relationship to one ... Read more
Down & Out Volume: : Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Suade
Submitted by: Shejay
Down & Out Volume 1
Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Suade

Following their recent departure from Minus, Magda, Marcus Houle and Troy Pierce collectively introduce their new imprint, Items & Things with their powerful label debut 'Down & Out Volume I', which ... Read more

Feature / News
Miss Foxy Gets To Grips with Alexis K : Interview with DJ Alexis K
Submitted by: Miss Foxy
Miss Foxy gets the lo-down on DJ Alexis K, as she exclusively interviews the artist on her upcoming album Alexis K vs Unsub out this coming November.

Miss Foxy: How did you first get into music production?

Alexis K: I ... Read more