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La Roux : Beyond the Quiff from Electronic Beats
Submitted by: Sachi Mahadeo
As can be expected from someone who wore a T-shirt declaring 'I'm a c*nt' when inking her record deal, 21-year-old La Roux front woman Elly Jackson alternates between emphatic declarations and an almost clinical self-awareness about her burgeoning musical career. ... Read more
Child of the Sun EP : Reggie Dokes : [Cinematic Recordings]
Submitted by: Shejay
With so many 'wishy washy' tracks tagged as Deep House and the overuse of dry loops, Reggie restores the balance by laying foundations and working from the bottom up. The title track 'Child of The Sun', with its minimal approach, ... Read more
Feature / News
DJ Advice: DJs - Listen! : Learn to extend yourself musically
Submitted by: Cristina DiGiacomo
It’s very rare that I will ever discuss what I listen to. The reason is that I want Behind The Decks to not be about genres but to be about DJing and the creative process. However, I had ... Read more