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An Interview with Shortee : Queens of the Jungle
Submitted by: Shejay
It would be hard not to label the drum & bass world a boys only club. The leading DJs, label owners and all round scenesters are all guys.

But then again it's easy to look at sub-genres and label them stereotypically, ... Read more

No Sympathy EP : Maya Jane Coles
Submitted by: Nicole Otero
No Sympathy EP by Maya Jane Coles

With the incredible year Maya Jane Cole has had winning best new deep house track for “What They Say” as well as Break-Through DJ artist award at the Miami Dance Music Awards, it’s not ... Read more

Feature / News
Interview with Emika : Miss Foxy catches up with Emika
Submitted by: Miss Foxy
Would you say you are foremost a bass-heavy composer? How have you found your journey with Ninja Tune so far?

Yes, I am a composer, and yes I love bass! I compose a lot of music for electronic instruments ... Read more