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An Interview with Shortee : Queens of the Jungle
Submitted by: Shejay
It would be hard not to label the drum & bass world a boys only club. The leading DJs, label owners and all round scenesters are all guys.

But then again it's easy to look at sub-genres and label them stereotypically, ... Read more

The Wons EP : Carl Finlow & Gareth Whitehead
Submitted by: Garnetta
Random Factor and Bulletdodge Records boss, Gareth Whitehead collectively release the EP for Lost My Dog label. The EP consists of three deep house grooves and two ‘jacked out’ remixes. ‘Age Old’ & ‘No Matter How Far’ (Jacked Out Mix) ... Read more
Feature / News
10 Innovations that Shook the Music World : *
Submitted by: Ashae
We take a trip back and count down our favourite top 10 innovations in music over the last decade','When I was a 10-year-old child back in 1996, I used to sit in my room with my boom box and make ... Read more