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Magda : Minimal techno Is mainstream
Submitted by: Shejay
Since her move to Berlin in the early naughties Magda has become one of the world's biggest techno DJs riding the crest of the boom in underground music.

The Minus star takes a break from her insane touring schedule to answer ... Read more

Zombies/Scanners : Sleeper : [ Chestplate ]
Submitted by: Josh Swanson
Brostep, the new face of Dubstep. It fills the airwaves of the mainstream media. Those upset by this should turn their attention to Chestplate’s recent release, because oh dear will it slap you round the face and remind you of ... Read more
Feature / News
DJ Advice: DJs - Listen! : Learn to extend yourself musically
Submitted by: Cristina DiGiacomo
It’s very rare that I will ever discuss what I listen to. The reason is that I want Behind The Decks to not be about genres but to be about DJing and the creative process. However, I had ... Read more