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House of Hannah : *
Submitted by: Shejay
Your latest single is called, "I love America" - of course the name probably says a lot but explain further your thoughts when you to wrote this?
I actually did not write this, this is a cover of a a song ... Read more
Subwave : Subwave : Metalheadz
Submitted by: Josh Swanson
Metalheadzā€™ Russian beat guru, Subwave, delivered his self-titled album early this month and from its artwork and from my own previous Subwave experiences, I expected something no less than dark, electric and bursting with soul.

Steering away from typical D&B drum ... Read more

Feature / News
Dillon interview : Miss Foxy interviews Dillon
Submitted by: Miss Foxy
Your're signing to BPitch Control must be an interesting move for you, since the label is predominantly focused upon techno music. Your sound mixes a range of genres from electronica to chamber pop in which you have been compared to ... Read more